Here is a gallery of all the NHL Tutorials I’ve done. They will be added to as I continue on in the series. At some point I plan to do a nail series based on the NHL teams as well. But we’ll see. Each photo should be linked to the tutorial so if you click on the photo, then it’ll lead you to the original post and video.

Washington Capitals

Vacouver Canucks / Toronto Maple Leafs / Tampa Bay Lightning
St. Louis Blues / Pittsburgh Penguins / Phoenix Coyotes

Philadelphia Flyers / Ottawa Senators / New York Rangers


New York Islanders / New Jersey Devils / Nashville Predators 

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Montreal Canadiens / Minnesota Wild / Los Angeles Kings

Florida Panthers,warmvanillasugar0823PhotobucketPhotobucket
 Florida Panthers / Edmonton Oilers / Detroit Red Wings 


Dallas Stars Columbus / Blue Jackets / Colorado Avalanche 

Chicago Blackhawks / Carolina Hurricanes / Calgary Flames 

San Jose Sharks #2 / San Jose Sharks #1 / Buffalo Sabres 

Boston Bruins / Atlanta Thrashers /Anaheim Ducks