I’m back today with another destash. I went through my makeup once more and decided to pick out five more products that haven’t been used and most likely won’t be used in the future. There have already been a couple of these posts – if you look at the “destash” category you’ll be able to find all of my destash posts 🙂

This week was a particularly nostalgic destash week. There were a few older products in there that I sort of forgot about, but had some fond memories of.

Laura Mercier Face Illuminating Powder in Devotion / Mac Give Me Liberty of London blush in Prim & Proper

For face I decided to part with the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder in Devotion. This was given to me by a dear friend, and I really did love the product. However, being that I have far too many highlighters, and ones that I use more often than the Laura Mercier, I decided it should be passed on to a better home. I have a coworker who loves makeup just as I do and I know it will be well loved there.

The other product I chose to part with was the Mac blush in Prim & Proper from the Give Me Liberty of London collection. Such a pretty color! Just a tone that I don’t use all that often because I’m not super into the neutral blush tones. I mostly held on to this for so long because of the packaging and how nostalgic it was. Again, it was passed on to a loving home 🙂

There were a few more Mac pigments that I hadn’t used in a while so they were also destashed. I don’t remember the names of them – and unfortunately I didn’t think to look or write them down before they were destashed. I’m also parting ways with a Rimmel lipstick that is so pretty but just hadn’t been used in a while. I maybe used it once or twice excluding switching the lipstick, so into the destash box it went.

For anybody that’s having a hard time minimizing their stash, I totally recommend to do small batches of destashing instead of trying to tackle your entire collection in one go. I usually stop and think “I have too many ______” and the goal is to get rid of one or two in the category. It’s a great way to ease into letting go of things. Sometimes I also think “I need to get rid of 10 things” and it’s another easy way to ease into controlling your collection.

I hope you guys liked this quick destash – my goal is to do a destash at least once a month. Do any of you guys have any destashing tips?

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