On my other blog, TeaRoseWishes, I’ve been doing a few travel posts, but I figured I’d save my beauty bits for this blog 🙂 My other blog focuses more on my “lifestyle” things (I hate the term “lifestyle blog”) – my preschool craft projects, home decor, gardening, and planner updates to name a few things. I’ve already posted about my travel diary, my electronics bag, and some gadgets (photography and entertainment) I’m taking.

Today I thought I’d go through my liquids bag for my carry-on and then all the rest of the dry beauty things I’m taking. I have a few other things I’m contemplating taking, but it’ll probably be packed into a checked-bag’s liquids bag.

I wanted a makeup bag that had a brush compartment that also was on the flatter side so that it would pack easier in my bags when I travelled. I did the same thing that I did with my electronics bag and went onto Amazon to search for a makeup bag. A lot of the searching I did prior to Amazon ended in either super expensive bags, or bags that weren’t flat, or bags that wouldn’t fit any brushes. For me, finding a bag that would fit my brushes was crucial because I didn’t want to carry around so many different pouches. My goal when traveling is to have as little clutter as possible which meant one bag for electronics, and one bag for makeup outside of my liquids.

The bag I ended up purchasing was the Jiaruo Multi-Function Makeup Cosmetic Bag in Pink Candy. It comes in about 20 different shades and patterns, and retails for $7.99. Just like my electronics bag, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to purchase it because it was so inexpensive, and Amazon’s return policy is great. I did know ahead of purchasing that it had only a three star rating on Amazon, and a few customers have reported not-so-great quality in the actual bag. For me, I didn’t really sweat it because I wasn’t going to carry all that much makeup in it (with all of my liquids being in my liquids bag), and the biggest selling factor was the brush holder that was included. It was also one of the few that I found that zipped up fully, and had extra space for makeup underneath the brushes. I also knew going in that the makeup I was going to travel with either wasn’t entirely irreplaceable, or too expensive that I wouldn’t be completely gutted if it were damaged on the way, like my electronics would be if I had an equally lesser quality bag. Essentially – I just needed something inexpensive and flat to hold my brushes, and a few things, and that would zip fully.

The bag is actually rather large, and fits all of that makeup above with quite a bit of extra room to spare. Being a beauty lover I know I’ll probably end up at some sort of drugstore or cosmetics store (OR DUTY FREE!) and end up going home with something, so the extra space was nice.

The size of the compartment is about eight inches long and six inches wide, with the vertical height being three inches, so you really can pack a lot of makeup in there. I started by putting in cotton rounds and a travel hair brush, and the bag had plenty of room to spare. I swear – some bags are like “I’m half full” when you start with basics like that, and I love the generous height of the bag, which I think really adds to how much can fit inside of it.

The material is a light nylon material, and there isn’t any rigid packaging so the bag will be on the flimsy side if you don’t put something like a palette inside to keep it’s shape. I like the material considering it will be easy to clean, and won’t add a ton of extra weight into my luggage, which is another bonus for me when traveling. If really only intend on using this bag for yourself at home, or for various local things, then you may want to look into a more sturdy bag.

The brush holder velcros onto the side of the bag, sort of above the “spine” of the bag so it doesn’t interfere with any zippers. The bag is long enough to fit my Real Techniques Bold Metals powder brush, so that gives you an idea of how long it really is. Since I’m not planning on doing any full face makeup on my trip, I’m taking the bare essentials of y brushes – one powder brush, one bronzer brush, one blush brush, one highlighter brush, a blending brush for shadow, a crease brush for shadow (and alternate blending), and one flat shadow brush. To be honest, that’s really all that I’ve been using the past year anyways so I don’t feel like I’m going to miss anything on my trip. I mostly feel like I can cut down on either a bronzer brush or a blush brush and use the same brush for both when I’m abroad. They all fit into the compartments though, so I don’t feel too cluttered. For liquid face products I’ll be bringing my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge – it’s currently my favorite sponge (because I works just as well as a Beauty Blender for what I need, and is a fraction of the price), and a quick no hassle way to apply product/clean the sponge everyday.

As for the actual makeup I’m bringing (well the dry goods for now), I wanted to take products that I didn’t have to think about when applying, but also build if I needed to. I had every intention of purchasing a Mac 4 Palette and just bringing four eyeshadows, but just decided that the extra purchase was a little frivolous considering the palette I had would fit in the bag, and I could just put in anything that I would need, as well as what my mom would need, and could save space in her bag.

I moved around some of my Mac shadows in my other palettes, and came up with this neutral set of shadows; the colors on the far right columns are essentially what I’m going to use most. There are a lot of highlight shades in there but I figured I’d probably use those over any of my other random darker or brighter colors so they just ended up being put in to the palette.

For face products, I have my Burberry Summer Glow Bronzer, Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso, Mac Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish, a sample size of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (I got it as a Sephora perk), and my setting powder which is Mac Studio Fix Powder in C3. I actually may switch that out for the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural since that has SPF. I’m not sure yet. I’m also considering possibly just bringing these face powders and using them as eyeshadows – my mom has a few single shadows that would fit in my bag so we could still save space. For now, those are the powder products I’m bringing 🙂

For miscellaneous pencil products, I’m bringing my two brow pencils (I mix two colors of the Anastasia Brow Wiz), two cream shadow sticks by By Terry (one purple-y hue and one bronze hue), a brown liner, and a lip liner. Those are also everyday use products for me, so they were sort of “no brainer” items I packed. The cream shadows alone are an easy shadow look that are no fuss, and the lip liner is Mac Whirl, which is my go-to everyday color.

For liquids, I purchased a bag from the Container Store, after Elle talked about it in her latest packing video. She actually packed for 12 days in England and Scotland on a carry-on, so I figured if it worked for her? it would work for me! I’m going for the same amount of time, so that was the first video I actually referenced when starting to think about how to pack for my trip. I also know that she travels quite a bit so a lot of her tips were well tested. I totally recommend that video!

Why I chose this bag over some of the very popular and readily-available-everywhere travel friendly bags is that this had a little bit of width to it all the way around, and it had more flexible sides so I felt like more could be fit into the bag. A lot of the travel friendly bags you can purchase at say CVS, or Bed Bath & Beyond, or any other drugstore, have a more firm plastic and the bags taper at the top to a zip closure so really, they only fit the bottles that are usually included inside the bag.

This Container Store bag was a bit pricier, but it not only fit all of my liquid makeup, but also fit in any other toiletries I wanted easily accessible in my carry-on luggage. I did actually purchase a travel liquids bag (my mom and I both did) from Bed Bath & Beyond, but we’ll be using them for checked luggage liquids – for things like shampoo, conditioner, hair serums, makeup remover and other things we wouldn’t immediately need if our luggage was lost.

Inside the liquids bag you can see that I’ve basically filled it to the brim with things, but that also, it fits a ton of stuff! This liquids bag, again, contains all of my liquid makeup, as well as all of my liquid skincare, and important toiletries I may need.

I’ve fit in my toothbrush with a little “anti-bacterial” protector Steripod (which I purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond), a travel sized Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, Mac’s Paint Pot in Vintage Selection, a new tube of RapidLash, a decanted spray bottle of the Embryolisse Eau de Beaute Rosamelis, a travel sized Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer, a new pot of the Dior Creme de Rose lip balm, a Lavanila deodorant (I’ve never tried it but it’s small so I purchased it), a pack of the Crest disposable toothbrush things (2 each for my mom and me), my Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre, a new bottle of the Algenist sunscreen, a travel pack of the YesTo Cucumber Makeup Wipes, and a travel bottle of the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser. In addition to all of those, are two plastic bags of makeup. So, you can see, it’s a lot of products.

As for how I decided on what to take, I read a post on Kourtney Kardashian’s blog a while back that recommended to make a entire travel set of items separate from items you’d use at home, so packing and unpacking would essentially be a null-issue. She said that by always having a set of products packed, it made life a lot easier for her because she knew everything she’d need was already in the bag, and since it was never unpacked, she didn’t feel like she ever felt the need to feel anxious about forgetting something. I thought that was also a pretty good idea – although I know it’s not in everybody’s budget to purchase 2 of everything, convenience wise I thought it was a great tip. I also figured it was sort of a sure way to know that for this trip I wouldn’t run out of everything because I would be newly making a travel set for myself, and all the products will be brand new.

I also will say that almost all of those items, except the Lavanila deodorant and the toothbrush pod have already been tried and true favorites for me. Again, my intention when creating this travel bag for this trip, was to actually just have an entire set of items I knew I loved, and an entire set of items for each step in at least my skin care and basic makeup routine, so that I wouldn’t have to take anything out or repack this in the future. Obviously I won’t just keep a toothbrush in the pouch until my next vacation, and the makeup wipes will probably have to be replaced, but everything else has a pretty good shelf-life, so I know they’ll be ok for at least a year.

Most likely, I will re-evaluate what I packed after this trip, but I don’t anticipate it changing very much.

A quick tip for anybody considering doing this – if you can, wait until there’s a major sale going to purchase your travel set. Everything that I purchased at Sephora, I received 20% off on because I purchased during their last sale. I also used a gift card towards the purchase, so I spent about half of what I could’ve spent on this travel set. The RapidLash actually goes on sale on Hautelook every few months so I always purchase it when I see it. The rest of the items I purchased at drugstores with coupons. I think when it comes down to it, the Embryolisse products and the Mac paint pot were the only products I didn’t purchase but already had in my stash that I knew I would want to have while traveling. The Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre used to be a daily moisturizer for me, but has since become just a little too rich. I figured it’d be great for travel though after being on a long haul flight, so it’ll from now on live in my travel bag. The Mac Paint Pot is a pretty rose gold type color that I happily stuck in my travel bag because it’s a dependable but easily matched color in my existing makeup. So again, it wasn’t hard for me to just concede to let it live in my travel bag until it expires.

The two plastic bags I fit in were separated into “lips & face” and “non-lips” so that I could easily see what was inside the bag, squeeze all the air out, and not have to worry about things just rolling about in the bag. If anything, I’m the biggest micro-organizer and in every avenue of my life, I have a lot of things organized within various organizational systems.

The first couple of things in my “non-lips” bag are two travel sized fragrances. These are the fragrances I use on a daily basis – the Roses de Chloe perfume (the best rose scent I’ve found, and my favorite fragrance of all time), and the Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine. The mini Orange Sanguine was a 100 Perk Point from Sephora and the Roses de Chloe is the roller ball. I combine the two fragrances everyday, and depending on my mood, will have a more rosy scented day or a more fresh, orange scented day. Since they’re floral, but not heavy florals, I can easily wear them throughout the year. I love layering scents, and especially more fresh florals like these (the rose is really not mixed with any sort of musk, or heavy scents to weigh it down).

The only other liquid eye products I’m bringing are the essentials – an eye primer, a brow gel, a mascara, and the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin (hello, old packaging!). I have mega oily eyelids, which is why I’m taking the Nars Primer. The Make Up Forever Brow Gel I’ve used once before, and I really loved it so I purchased another, and the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is another top favorite. The Urban Decay Primer Potion I’m bringing as another (almost the same lol) quick color option for my eyes. Lastly, I’m bringing my little Urban Decay pencil sharpener because it’s the best, and also I have two so in the bag it went.

My “lips & face” bag starts with all of my foundation/concealer type items. I have the Hourglass Vanish Foundation in Sand which is a little too dark for me, so I mix it with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in Beige (because it was cheaper than buying another Hourglass, and the color ends up being perfect for me). I’m bringing my trusty Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard, a small travel size of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, and a travel sized Pore Fessional from Benefit.

Instead of bringing a liquid foundation, or a tinted moisturizer, I figured the two foundation sticks would be mess free, and risk free in terms of breaking or leaking. I also have two shades so I can custom mix the colors any time of the year. The way I use them is to paint on the colors on my face, spray on the Urban Decay All Nighter to wet my face, and blend in with the Real Techniques sponge. I get a good coverage as well as a light coverage on the skin, and it thins the products out so if any oxidization happens it’s really not very noticeable.

My lip products are all sort of “staples” for me – I have the Mac Viva Glam V lipstick (I’ve used about 3 of these already – it’s such a gorgeous everyday color for me!), the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rose Shimmer, the Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss in beige, a Sephora Rose Lip Balm, and the Nars Audacious Lipstick in Rita. Lots of neutrals and sort of “no-fuss” products, and one red lip incase I decide to get fancy one day.

If there was one product that I know I’ll take out at the end of this trip, it’s the Nars lipstick. I don’t have a duplicate of this because I have so many red lip products and it didn’t really matter to me which lipstick went into my travel bag. So in this one instance, “red lip” will just be something I have to put back in, if I want to do that in the future.

That completes the very long-winded explanation for what I’m taking, beauty wise, on my trip, and essentially how I’ll pack my beauty things from now on.

Really quickly, I do have a picture of the liquids bag I’ll be putting in my checked luggage, and as you can see, it’s stuff I don’t really need immediately if I lose my checked luggage. It’s also stuff that will be used up, or tossed after this trip. There’s a pack of the Crest mini brushes for the way home, a small Moroccan Oil, a disposable razor (which I’ll just throw away on the last day of my trip), two paper masks from Sephora (one for after we land and are in our hotel the first night, and one for midway through the trip), the shampoo and conditioner bottles, a mini Bioderma, toothpaste, and then my eye cream and a mini night cream.

The paper masks are 100% frivolous luxuries that I’m bringing just for a pick-me-up for myself. They’re quick, disposable ways to give your skin a little bit of nourishment. The two empty bottles will be filled with conditioner. My mom and I are going to share those so we don’t have to pack two sets.

I also wanted to quickly mention that while making this whole set of travel items, I found one other flat makeup bag that I really like on Hautelook. It’s by Kestrel and it’s one of their Makeup Valets. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an active link to these so I don’t know if they still make them, but it’s a flat, fold up makeup bag, with a slot for brushes. It’s a bit sturdier than the bag I showed you, but it doesn’t zip all the way around the case, there’s just an interior compartment that zips.

It’s about the same size as the makeup bag, and holds about the same amount of items. So it’s basically an interchangeable piece that I can switch to, or use for day-trips and such. I’m also in the process of minimizing my collection so who knows, in the future this may just hold all of the rest of my makeup?

Either way, both makeup bags are great items and easily adaptable for my needs.

I hope you guys found this post helpful, or interesting lol 🙂 I know it’s a long one, so thank you for reading all the way through if you did. I have a few more makeup destashes coming and them I’m on my trip! Let me know if you have any travel favorites or must-haves in the comments!

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