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I have swatches of the Rani Cosmetics Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipsticks for you guys today 🙂 I have a full review of these on my channel, which you can watch down below. There’s also a tiny bit of a wear test at the end of the video, as well as a little bit of a demo of how the colors look on my friends.

To complement the video I decided to take some photographic swatches just so the shimmer and finish of the liquid lipstick can be better understood.

The shimmer in these products are incredibly unique, and are not like the metallic or frosty products that are making their way through the market at the moment. These have almost a glass fleck like shimmer (for all you polish fans out there) mixed into the formula so they really don’t read metallic on the lip at all.

All of the Sparked Dazzling lip products have the shimmer – the lipstick formula is on the sheer side, so you get a nice wash of color on the lips, with the shimmer. My favorite thing to do is use those mixed over a little bit of a balm (I’ll mix a few different colors) and have a really pretty shimmery finish on the lips. The liquid lipstick formula is very opaque, with a creamy and whipped texture, which holds the shimmer well.

In the photo below, you can see the difference between the liquid lipstick and the lipstick. On the far left (of each color group) is the Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipstick, the middle is the Sparked Dazzling Lipstick, and on the right, is the lipstick layered over the liquid lipstick. As you can see, there’s quite an impact with the liquid lipstick (especially in the red swatch, which is purposefully slightly out of focus), although you do get shimmer out of the lipstick alone. Layered, the lipstick and the liquid lipstick give off the most intense shimmer effect.

I do want to mention that the brush definitely helps this product apply  the best it can – each liquid lipstick comes with a squared off applicator, that also has a little divot in the middle. Eshani actually told me that these were specifically chosen to work with the shimmer in the formula. The applicator holds enough product to fully coat the lips opaquely in one swipe, as well as deposit the right amount of shimmer on the lips.

There are 6 colors in the Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipstick and Sparked Dazzling Lipstick line, a nude, a brown, an orange, a red, a pink, and a purple. I’ve photographed them in pairs, and then swatched them together in the sun, so you can see the shimmer in the sunlight 🙂

The Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipstick in Henna and Sparked Dazzling Lipstick in Tattoo are both a warm toned nude, with slightly orange undertones to them. The color reads very nude on me, and like a light brown. On Eshani’s lips, I believe it looks like a light orange nude. The shimmer mixed in is a gold and pink shimmer, and both products smell of caramel.

The Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipstick in Chai and Sparked Dazzling Lipstick in Latte are both a neutral milk chocolate brown, with a shifting blue to purple shimmer mixed in. On me it’s a proper brown lipstick – it’s not too dark which I like on my skin tone. On Eshani’s lips it reads like a neutral brown, perfectly suited for a darker skin tone. It’s definitely a wearable, daily color on a deeper skin tone. These both are scented like chai.

Mango (Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipstick) and Lassi (Sparked Dazzling Lipstick) are both a bright orange toned red, with a gold shimmer. It’s the perfect summer lip! This one I particularly love mixing on the lips with either Tattoo or Syrup for a stained “popsicle lip” look. On me it’s for sure a bright, orange lip. On Eshani it’s also a bright orange lip, but the red comes out a little more (I think) on deeper skin tones, and compliments it really nicely. These are both mango scented.

Bindi and Hindi are rich reds with gold and pink shimmer mixed in. The red is a little deeper than a neutral red, and has a slight wine tone to it. It’s the perfect red for the holidays, and very much reads like a deep red velvet on my lips. For deeper skin tones, this makes a great rich red as well, and it doesn’t look too “granny” which I’ve seen people say about slightly darker reds like this. The photo makes the color look very bright, and it does look brighter in full sun, like when I took the photos. These are both strawberry scented.

Rose and Syrup are magenta pink with a gold and pink shimmer. These are slightly more berry toned than Mac’s Girl About Town is. It’s a richer shade of magenta, again making it stand out beautifully on deeper skin tones, while still flattering paler skin tones. These are both rose scented.

Lunar and Eclipse are rich plummy purple bases with gold and pink shimmer. These were the ones I was most excited to play with because I sometimes feel like I can’t pull off purple. There’s Mac Heroine, and Mac Pure Heroine, and then otherwise I just feel like purples never look as good as I think they do. Until Lunar and Eclipse came along. They’re dark enough to be nice and vampy, and not bright. But they’re light enough to not simply look like a generically dark lip (like some deep wine/Burgundy type colors can end up looking). With the addition of the shimmer, the effect is again this rich, velvety, regal purple on the lips. I LOVE them! They look equally flattering on deeper skin tones because the shimmer pops really beautifully. These have a coconut scent.

Although most of them have the same shades of shimmer (gold and pink) you can see how differently they look over different colored bases. Chai and Latte have the bright blue and purple shimmer, but the rest have gold and pink, and in the photo below you can see how nicely it reflects off each color, and how they effect each shade.

I really do think layering the products creates the most substantial look on the lips, but as I mentioned before (and I show you in the video) that I do like mixing the lipsticks over a balm. I do this with these lipsticks in particular because the pigmentation is pretty saturated in the lipstick, even though the lipstick has a sheer finish. Like – even though it’s sheer, the color payoff definitely effects the lips (instead of just looking like a barely there tint). For that reason I find mixing these in a balm the easiest to do over other sheer type lipsticks. When blending colors I typically choose between Tattoo, Bindi, Lassi, or Syrup, and depending on how I’m feeling with mix a color. The finished look on the lip is very popsicle like and I love it.

For some housekeeping – all of Rani Cosmetics’s products are exclusively available on RaniCosmetics.com

Rani Cosmetics was founded by Eshani, or TotalMakeupJunkie101 on YouTube, who is one of my favorites on YouTube as well as one of my best friends on YouTube. She’s been working on Rani Cosmetics for over 2 years, and released her first batch of Sparked Dazzling Lipsticks in April. As per Eshani, the Liquid Lipsticks she just released are to be paired with the lipsticks for a beautiful, “firework” like shimmery finish on the lips.

The Sparked Dazzling Lipsticks retail for $18 and the Sparked Dazzling Liquid Lipsticks retail for $20. There are options to purchase them as duos (the matching lipstick and liquid lipsticks), or as a set of all lipstick or all liquid lipstick.

I can’t wait to see what Eshani has coming up because I’m so blown away by what she’s already done. I’m forever a fan of hers, and very proud to call her a friend. Her products though stand for themselves and really represent her innovate ideas, her understanding of the makeup world, and herself as a person.

If any of you have tried me, I’d love to see any pictures or hauls! I have a beauty account on Instagram – @yukielovesmakeup so tag me so I can see 🙂

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