Another day, another destash! I’ve been trying to do this weekly and it’s hard to let go, but it’s happening! This past Wednesday I went through my stash again and picked out a few more things that I don’t use or are just old. Again, as I’m trying to transition towards a more minimal lifestyle, part of the transition means giving up products that just don’t belong in my life anymore. The easiest way for me to minimize is for sure to start taking my beauty stash and cutting it down, week by week.

Real quick – I’m a collector. I’ve always been a collector. And I’ll always love makeup, and it will always have a special place in my life because it’s been such a great way for me to feel comfortable with who I am and what I love. I don’t wear makeup to feel good, I wear makeup because I like makeup. I love the collection aspect of it and I always will. I just have too much now, and I just have too many pieces that aren’t really about collecting, and it was more about hoarding.

Destashing my beauty stuff and cutting down to a place that’s realistically usable, and flattering (aka – I will never again be a person needs that much glitter because I’m never again going to be in a place where I can wear that much glitter), is just the first and easiest place for me to minimize my life. I know that eventually I’ll have to minimize other things (books, clothes, dvds, etc) but this is just the first and most obvious place for me to start.

Anyways, I went through my Helmers and picked out a few more things that I knew I wouldn’t use.

First things to go were false lashes. I threw out the remaining lashes that I had (that were opened and previously used) including all my individual lashes. Those are things I can always easily repurchase if I ever need to use them, for an event or whatever. In my daily life, I don’t use them. I’ve been using RapidLash and my natural lashes are now in a great, fluttery place that just looks amazing with mascara. I also think that lash glue was doing something funny to my lashes. I was using individual lashes for about 6 months, and in that time, I had weird gaps where my lashes were really short, or where my lashes just didn’t grow? The only thing I could think that would cause that would be lash glue.

All of my unopened lashes were given to friends. I haven’t used a strip lash in probably a year and a half. I find them hard to put on, annoying to wear, and I just don’t like wearing them.

false lashes

I finally went into my blush/bronzer/highlighter drawer, and told myself I had to pick two items and destash them. I have a LOT of blushes and a LOT of highlighters. I love them. I love collecting them. I just can’t justify having so many though.

One of the products I picked was a recent product from the the Star Trek collection. I bought it strictly for collecting purposes. I also bought 2 lipsticks and 2 glosses, all of which I actually use quite frequently. So I was ok with destashing the face powder because I had 4 Star Trek Products that I’d be able to keep that were both practical and cool collectors pieces.

The other product was an OLD beauty powder from the Liberty of London collection. The Beauty Powders were like… sort of blushes but sort of highlighters. I’m still not quite sure what they are. But I used it as a blush. In a really old Dustin Hunter video (he was somebody I used to watch all the time on YouTube, but he sort of fell off the map?), he made a joke about working at Mac, and somebody coming in to ask what a Beauty Powder was. In the back another employee shouted out “nothing! it does nothing!” and since then I’ve always had a “but what does it do” vibe when it comes to the Mac Beauty Powders.

So, when I started looking through my stuff, I picked up the Beauty Powder, and although I loved the packaging, and what it represented (the beginning of my makeup journey) I decided it was time to let go of it. I just never used it.

Mac Trip The Light Fantastic Pressed Powder in Luna Luster / Mac Liberty of London Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl

I decided I also needed to go through some of my old Mac lip products. The Lipglass was just an old one that needed to be destashed since it was a few years old. The Lipstick is Candy Yum Yum, and I bought it for the hype. It was one of the first neon pinks to come out, and was so sought after when it came out. When it first came out, the industry wasn’t as fully rounded out as it is now, either; there weren’t a ton of pinks or neons out there. I did use it quite a bit when I first got it but I just don’t wear bright pink on my lips very often anymore. If I do wear a bold pink, it’s a more berry toned pink.

The last two products are 2 more pigments I know I won’t use – another Inglot pigment which I like quite a bit. It’s a warm reddish brown. I just don’t use it because it’s more convenient to use a pressed shadow that looks just like it. And the silver pigment is Mac’s Platinum Pigment, which I bought for an NHL tutorial way back when (when I used to film makeup tutorials lol) and I haven’t touched it in years.

Mac Ice Scape Lip Gloss / Mac Candy Yum Yum Lipstick / Inglot Pigment/ Mac Platinum Pigment

I’m feeling good about this process so far. Destashing a few products weekly is definitely easier than a huge destash all at once. It’s also, I’ve found, a reasonable way to really look and evaluate what I need and don’t need. I feel less remorse after I destash a few items at a time, and this way I get to constantly look over my collection and see what exactly I’m using.

Do any of you have old items that you either can’t destash, or recently destashed? Let me know in the comments down below!

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