As I’m getting older (I’m a whopping 26 lol) skin care has been a huge concern for me. Maybe not “concern,” as that seems really dramatic, but it’s at least been a top priority for me. I mentioned some recent skin care favorites in my 5 Beauty Faves of May, and I’ve had a really set routine for my skin over the past 18 months. The results have been more than amazing – I feel like my skin has been in a great place and aside from the odd pimple every now and then, my skin hasn’t been in this great of a place since…. ever.

All through high school, I competitively swam, and so although I had oily skin (which I didn’t quite know at that time), my skin was always super dried out, and tight, and just uncomfortable. I also had hormonal, cystic breakouts quite often. As I grew into my twenties, my skin definitely changed. The oiliness went into overdrive and I was also just discovering makeup, so it was also put through a lot of products that may not have necessarily been the best for my skin. I used products more because I thought I had to, versus because I felt like it was what my skin needed.

Now, in my mid twenties, with all of the experience I’ve gained with regards to what my skin needs, I’m absolutely happy with my skin, and my skin hasn’t ever been this “regular” for this long. My skin regimen is a little more advanced than just “cleanse-tone-moisturize” but that’s where I started, back in my early 20s, especially when I didn’t know what my skin needed. Over the last few years, I’ve really been able to find what sorts of products and ingredients my skin reacts well to.

Unfortunately, even through alllll of that experimentation, SPF wasn’t something that I focused on until recently. Going back to the “I swam competitively in high school” bit, I probably never used sunscreen when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I always had my parents telling me to put it on, and when I was really little, they did it for me, but I grew up a child of the 90s. Getting a tan was a cool thing. Sunscreen was a nuisance. And now I really do regret not forming the habit earlier. I hated being sunburnt, but I hated putting sunscreen on even more.

About 2 years ago, I watched a video about sun care, and it freaked me out. So I went in search of a good sunscreen for my face, and I found the Algenist Sublime Defense sun screen, which I reviewed here. It’s been my go-to sunscreen since then, and I’ve gone through quite a few bottles. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and doesn’t break me out. It protects my skin amazingly and it’s super dependable.

Recently I’ve become the person that carries sunscreen around, and has sunscreen in my car, and at work, and in every room of the house, just because again, that video freaked me out and I just can’t take the risk of not being protected anymore.

I know that spray sunscreens are bad for the environment, but I always buy the spray because it’s so convenient to apply, especially when I have to apply it on my own. Neutrogena is my go-to brand – I have eczema and sunscreen-sensitive skin and it’s the brand that breaks me out the least. I don’t get body acne, but I get rashes if I have sunscreen on for too long without washing it off at the end of the day (especially in my elbows and behind my knees). I also buy the little sunscreen stick to touch up my face throughout the day if I feel like my face needs a reapplication. The Wet Skin Kids stick hasn’t broken me out: I think it’s because when I reapply I have a barrier of the Algenist, and my moisturizer, and it’s made for kids so it’s made for sensitive skin.

Even with all of this sun-prep, mistakes do happen. To all of us. lol!

Recently, I had no plans of leaving the house so I put on no SPF that morning. I then got a text that one of the kids I used to nanny was at a swim meet just down the street from my house so I ended up running out of the house to catch his even at the pool. And then I ended up staying for longer than anticipated, and I was wearing a black tank top and that night I had a very red face, a very red chest, and a very unhappy skin-night.

My first step when I got home was to put on the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion all over my face, and the Solarcaine Cool Aloe on my body. The Solarcaine I keep in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when I apply it. It also has that cooling stuff in it so I don’t put it on my face. The Hawaiian Tropic I first saw on Ingrid’s channel WAYYYYY long ago (like pre-coming-out, still dating Luke, way long ago) when she went on vacation with Elle to Cabo. She said she used it after sun, which is partially why I bought it (partially because again, sun care wasn’t my first priority) but originally I bought it because I thought it’d be a great post-shower/post-shave moisturizer for my legs because of the aloe mixed into the bottle. The scent is nice and tropical and definitely feels soothing and moisturizing. I can for sure tell that it makes a positive difference in my skin after I use it, either post-shave or post-sun.

The After Sun Lotion I actually use “after sun” regardless of whether or not I used SPF that day. It just feels good to put on! I’ve gone through a few of these as well and I recommend it to like everybody because I love it so much.

I hope you guys have had a wonderful summer so far – if there are any sun care tips you’d like to share, I’m all ears! Or if you have a favorite sunscreen I’d also love to know 🙂 Let me know in the comments down below!

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