As part of my overall shift to minimalism (or as close to minimalism as I get) I’ve decided to do a makeup destash at least twice a month. Each time I destash, I must pick at least 5 items that I don’t use, or at least haven’t used in the last year.

I’ve been destashing my nail polish collection as I’ve been filming my Swatch My Stash series on my channel, and it’s really inspired me to cut down on the rest of my beauty collection. I really just have too much stuff and I need to get rid of some of it. Practically speaking and mentally speaking, it’s been making me feel really good as I’ve been cutting down because it makes me feel less cluttered.

Like my nail polishes, these destashed products will be going to good homes – my family, friends, and coworkers get to take home products they wouldn’t buy for themselves or wouldn’t try otherwise 🙂

To start my destash, I’ve picked a handful of items from each of my makeup drawers in my helmer (which is where I keep all of my makeup I don’t use on a daily basis. That statement right there, is already a reason to start destashing).

Mac Mineralized Blush in Early Morning, Milani Baked Blush in Bella Rosa and Delizioso Pink
To start, I went into my blush drawer. It’s always the hardest drawer for me to destash from because it’s sort of my favorite drawer. Blushes are just so pretty. I never used to be a blush girl, but somewhere in like 2012, I ended up obsessed with finding the perfect blush, and now I’ll never get over them. That’s sort of how I ended up with so many I don’t use. And I hate destashing them because they really are just gorgeous pieces of makeup but at the end of the day, it’s about cutting down bulk, so here are the first few to go.

All three of these blushes were big deals when they were released, because they were matte. Glowy blush had a big moment (well it’s always going to be big because it’s just so flattering) so suddenly Mac and Milani releasing matte blushes seemed unheard of at the time. On top of that, they all had the mineralized formula/baked formula that was known for applying really easily and looking great. So, all three of these ended up in my collection without even a second thought.

Unfortunately, I haven’t used the Mac blush more than 3 or 4 times since it’s release, and the Milani blushes just aren’t colors I gravitate towards. I’m definitely a warm blush person – and I love the color of the Mac blush, I just can’t justify keeping it when I never use it.

Stila In The Light Palette, Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette in In The Nude
While I love a neutral palette, I just have TOO many of them. Like way too many. So many that I had destashed 2 Urban Decay Naked Palettes, my Lorac Pro Palette, and some single neutral shadows from various brands, and I still felt like I had too many palettes.

Both of these palettes held a special place in my collection – Sara gave me the Stila Palette, and the Sephora palette was one that I had a lot of great makeup days in.

The reason I’m destashing both, even though I had a lot of use out of both palettes, is because I haven’t used either of them in the last year. The Stila Palette is a great one for travel, and the Sephora one has the prettiest shimmer to it. I just haven’t been in the mood to use either in a long time, so I know they’ll go to happy homes.

Milani Black Cherry Lipstick
Similarly to the blushes, and well, the neutral palettes, I have a lot of lipsticks. Especially red and vampy lipsticks. It’s a tougher category for me to go through and destash. And that’s why I have one, single lipstick to destash today. lol. But, progress is progress!

This lipstick, and it’s formula, and it’s color, are all gorgeous. It’s a great lipstick. It just got beat out by Revlon’s Black Cherry Lipstick, which not only shares a name but is basically the same color. So, I picked the one I used more, and thus, the Milani is being destashed.

Mac Glitters, Inglot Pigment, Wet N Wild 3 Pan Eye Shadow Palette

This was an easy place to start destashing my eye products, in terms of use. Practically speaking, I haven’t used those glitters in years. Like 5 years. They just have no place in my life when it comes to makeup. Nail art, I used to use them….every once in a while. So really it’s like I never used them either. 

But visually speaking they’re just so so pretty. Something about glitter in your stash makes you feel young and happy and fun. But I’m not in the “glitter everywhere” phase of my life anymore. So they just had to go. 

The Inglot pigment had to be destashed because it was another I hadn’t used in a long time. Pigments: I love the idea, I love the look, I never execute. I never actually use them as much as I think I will. They’re just not practical. The only pigment I’ve actually used often enough to warrant keeping is the Mac Pigment in Tan. It lives right on my desk. The other pigments I have are in a drawer and I just never use them :/

I thought I’d start destashing them one at a time (because there’s a part of me that still wants to use them more) and thus the Inglot got destashed. It’s a pretty bronze with a sort of pistachio like shift. It’s a color I’ve grown away from using. I’m all about simple colors now. I wish I wore more colors but I don’t have the time in the morning anymore, and purples are generally the color group I gravitate towards if I do a different color. 

Lastly, the Wet N Wild 3 Pan palette is a great, travel friendly, wearable 3 pan, but again, it’s just not something I reach for. So it’s been destashed. It’s got a great formula and it’s also so affordable that it’s like the best makeup steal of the century. I just have other shadows in those colors I use more. 

Destashing is hard, and it’s so easy to try and justify keeping certain things. But at the end of the day I just need to minimize, for my own sanity! 

Do any of you have any tips for destashing? I’d love to know! Leave me a comment and we can chat about it 🙂 

5 thoughts on “makeup destash | 06.27.17

    1. it’s so hard D: however – it does help that a lot of makeup releases (and nail polish releases) don’t pique my interest in the slightest. only one or two items in the last year have really made me go “I need it!” or “that’s really different!” I’m definitely excited to get this project going though. if you have anywhere you log your destash journey I’d love to see as well 🙂
      thanks for commenting xoxo – Yukie

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed! I’m also having a hard time decluttering my clothes and shoes! I completely agree, only a couple of Becca’s new releases have caught my eye, everything else has been boring! I wish you good luck with your project! I will always come read those posts! I’ve been doing beauty declutters once in a while and you can see those on this blog if you want to, their like a once every two month thing!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m on your blog right now and I’m SO impressed you got through 3 lip balms! Im ashamed at how many I have and can’t get through. I also haven’t had the will power to destash brushes like you have – I’m still like “but I spent so much money on brushes” but really, I just don’t need so many! Especially foundation brushes because I LOVE my Beauty Blender, and may even love my Real Techniques sponge even more. The Real Techniques one is also so affordable that I don’t feel bad in the slightest when I have to repurchase a new one. It just puts my foundation brushes to shame!

        I recently just purged a lot of clothes I hadn’t worn (some even with tags still on them) in years. This whole minimalism thing is so so hard! I know eventually I have to destash books and movies too. But that I really just can’t bare lol.

        Love your blog! You’ve definitely got a new follower!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Awe thank you! This spring was cold so I definitely needed all those lip balms! Yeah! Brushes cost just as much as the actual makeup product. What made me able to let go of these was that I believe Bobbi Brown uses real hair fibers so I felt weird about keeping them!
        I really want to try the real techniques sponge! Thanks for offering yet another good review of it!
        Oh wow! Are you going to sell whatever you have that’s in good shape? That’s a good way to get rid of it!
        Yeah same! I have held onto so many books!
        It is difficult!
        Awe thank you so much! You as well, I’ve been loving your blog!


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