If you guys follow my personal blog you’ll have read that I’m relaunching my blogs. They’ve been neglected for the last few years, especially this blog. 

This blog originally was created to be a supplemental resource to my beauty channel. Unfortunately it just didn’t work it the way I intended – I’ve always stated that Youtube and blogging were a hobby. It’s not my job. It’s purely something I do for fun and as a creative outlet. Because of that I simply couldn’t keep up with the tasks I set for myself, and keep up with my own life outside of the internet. 

That being said, I’ve come to a place with my channel and my personal blog where I’m happy with what I’ve decided to do with them. My channel is my swatching space for now – I’ve been working through swatching all of my nail polishes on camera, and destashing as I’m going. I’ll sprinkle in other videos as well. The odd beauty tutorial or vlog. Things that represent my life. My personal blog will be a scrapbook of sorts that I can consolidate all of my crafty and travel bits. 

This blog, however, was in a place where I just didn’t know what to use it for. Until I realized there were so many things I wanted to film that I just didn’t have the time for. So that’s what this blog is going to be – a written account of beauty bits I’d like to share with you all. Things that I don’t have the time to make videos for, or things that are just better represented in photos. 


So I’m working on some posts for both blogs as we speak. I just wanted to come back and say “I’m here! It’s happening! Let’s do this!” 

I hope you’ve all been well, if you’ve been following this blog at all in the past. Thank you all for sticking with me. And here’s to relaunching YukieLoves.com ❤️

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