Hey everyone!
Guess what?!
I’m graduating college in a week from today 🙂 So, after that, presumably I’ll have more time for updating my blog.
I haven’t had to post swatches here in a while (Or at least, I haven’t remembered in a timely manner to post swatches here in a while) so it feels nice to get back into it 😀
Today I have the new Zoya Summer 2015 colors from the Island Fun and Paradise Sun collections. Zoya released two collections with 6 polishes each for the summer, in their standard release pattern of one collection of cremes and one collection of shimmers.
Now, I was particularly interested because the color scheme of the shimmers reminded me of my all time favorite Zoya collection, the Sparkle collection. 
I picked up 4 of the shimmers and 2 of the cremes to show you. They retail for $9 each or you can get a pack of each collection for $54, which isn’t a price break, and honestly is just convenient if you know you want the entire collection so you only have to add one item in your cart (instead of each polish individually). These are currently available on Zoya’s website.
I go more into the colors, the formula and my impressions in my video above, so check it out 🙂
Here are the swatches though! I’ve included comparisons to corresponding Zoya Sparkle Collection colors, just as a reference point 🙂
Zoya Mae (left) vs. Alegra (right)
Zoya Mae vs. Alegra (ring finger)
Zoya Isa (left) vs. Mimi (right)
Zoya Isa vs. Mimi (ring finger)
Zoya Oceane (left) vs. Charla (right)

 Zoya Oceane vs. Charla (ring finger)
Zoya Selene (left) vs. Ivanka (right)
Zoya Selene vs. Ivanka (ring finger)
Zoya Selene (look at the shimmer!)
Zoya Cecelia
Zoya Talia

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