Happy Spring Break (to me!). Lol.
In my most recent video (below) I hauled a bunch of the Zoya Velvet Mattes that were repromoted last fall. I found them on clearance at my local Ulta and was stoked. I totally meant to buy them when they came out, just to get backups of Verushka mainly, but never ended up doing it. So when I saw them, I put them in my basket without even a hint of hesitation. 
There were six colors I believe in the full collection, and I got four of them. This is the one I wanted to put on first though. 
Savita is a royal purple with a velvet finish. It dries matte but there’s a shimmer mixed in so it doesn’t dry completely flat looking. It was opaque for me in two coats and dried down fairly quickly so I could function without it smudging. I’d say it wasn’t fully dry for about 30 mins. 
Wear time for me was actually on the short side, it chipped within 2 days. However matte polishes tend to chip very quickly, especially since you cant seal them in with a top coat if you want to keep them matte. The cool thing about these polishes though is if you do put a top coat on top it goes really shimmery so you get two different polishes in one, essentially. 
I’m pretty excited to wear the red one from this collection, Posh, as a shimmery polish since it’s so pretty 🙂 
Do you guys have a favorite matte polish? Or a favorite polish you like to mattify?
I don’t know how available they’ll be in store, but you can still purchase them on the Zoya website still.

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