Nude polishes are not something I typically covet. There’s always a spot in everybody’s collection for a good nude polish. But I don’t tend to wear them all that often so I don’t really ever ten to look for them. I buy a lot of teals and reds and purples. And glitter. And everything but nudes lol.
So the other day at CVS I was browsing, and I needed to purchase like $6 in order to use a coupon, so I went walking through the beauty aisle. There really wasn’t anything I saw that was special so I was about to leave when I saw a handful of these sitting on the side of the Essie display.
Barefoot & Topless was a color that I’ve heard some good things about and that I’ve seen multiple times but I never really paid attention to it because it’s a nude polish. On my way out though I figured I should try it out since it got so many good reviews and it was sort of the perfect little sign; why not buy it? I needed the purchase to fulfill the coupon anyways. And if I didn’t like it there were definitely people I could give it to. So it came home with me. And I actually really like it!
It’s a beige creme with a slight pink tinge to it. It’s mostly a beige though. The formula is opaque. This was 2 coats and you can see how creamy it is. What I like most though is that it’s not a jelly or crelly based polish. A lot of nude polishes have that base, so finding a fully opaque nude that was in this light of a shade was pretty nice.
I believe you can still find these easily in drugstores across the U.S. It’s also available on Essie’s website. Essie polishes retail for between $8 and $10.

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