YouTube is responsible for a lot of the purchases I make. Nobody hypes up a product like the beauty community on YouTube. Essie’s Bahama Mama is a prime example of that.
Actually, Essie in general, is a prime example of that.
I feel like Essie wasn’t a big deal until Ingrid started gushing about them. It was definitely all about OPI and China Glaze. Zoya, if you looked further into nail polish, like I did. Then it was the high ends; Chanel, Deborah Lippmann. Essie really wasn’t popular. There were a few really popular colors, like Mint Candy Apple, but nobody hoarded Essie until quite recently. I’d even argue that the most popular Essie Collection was Resort, the one with Lapis of Luxury and Turquoise & Caicos, and it stayed popular for like 2/3 years.
Then one day, Ingrid sort of started mentioning Essie. And then all of a sudden, Essie just exploded. Their permanent colors became anything everybody ever talked about. And then Essie started releasing more popular colors, and brights. And now they totally have a fond place in pretty much every YouTuber’s heart.
It’s also sort of strange because Essie has a very hit or miss formula. I have a lot of great Essies – their creme formula is great, for the most part, in the colors I own. But they have a lot of very finicky polishes. I don’t own much of them which is why I rarely mention it.
Anyways, one of Essie’s biggest colors, and again because of Ingrid, is the color Bahama Mama. Like 3 years ago, she bought it and raved about it, and in the next two weeks it was featured in everybody else’s videos. It was everywhere. I needed to know what the fuss was about so I went and bought it.
Bahama Mama is a warm deep plum. It’s got a rich color payoff. It’s a very creamy formula and opaque in 2 coats. It’s definitely got one of the good Essie formulas. This is definitely a great fall color. It’s not terribly unique, it’s one of those fall plums that you think you see everywhere, but is just like a touch lighter or a touch darker than other plums. It’s one of those colors that will suit specific skin tones great – if you’re looking for a plum that isn’t too dark then this will be a good bet for you.
This is available on Essie’s website so again, I’m assuming it’s permanent. Essie polishes are available across the U.S. in drugstores, and they retail for $8 to $10.

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