I’m a big believer in using what you’ve got. I’m not a person that returns items often. It’s got to take a lot of failed attempts in order for me to return them. I think in the history of me on YouTube and in blogging, I’ve only returned one product because it was a failed product. I return other things if they’re not the right shade, but I’ll exchange them for the right shade. I generally, will find a use for anything.
This is what I do with past nail trends. Textures? Huge deal last year. Shatter and magnetics? Another previous huge deal. And I still had almost all of those before I started purging products and giving them away. A lot of the shatter ones went bad – they dried up and separated. The magnetics I still have since a lot are pretty colors to start with anyways. 
But textures? I’ve found a lot of use for them. They’re quick manicures. They dry down fast. They last forever. They can be smudged and it’s no big deal. You can put a top coat on them and they’re quite beautiful. 
My favorite thing to do though is to add holo top coats to them. I’ve done this in the past previously, three times in fact. Once with Alcatraz Rocks by OPI, once with Zoya Nyx and once with Zoya Stevie. All three of those manicures were some of my favorites from last year.
I recently decided to do it again, with Zoya Dahlia, which is their black textured polish. I was hoping for a really nice holo sparkly black. And that is what happened but there were a few things I just wanted to note.
Holly recently said in a video it’s hard to find dark holos that aren’t slightly de-saturated, color wise, because the base of a spectraflair shimmer is silver. While I do have a lot of dark holos that haven’t been effected by the addition of spectraflair, I have also noticed that yes, that does happen. It happened in this case. I added one coat of Starlight Polish’s Starlight on top and Dahlia ended up becoming slightly gray toned. It wasn’t bad but it was just not the look I was going for.
You can see the ending color of the manicure in the photo.
The holo ended up being really pretty and sparkly on top anyways, so it was still a pretty manicure. I’m sorry I couldn’t get sunshine photos since it was raining the week I did this manicure. You can still see the holo slightly in the photo. 
If you want to try layering polishes like this, I’d suggest seeking out the texture polishes sooner rather than later. I know Zoya is discontinuing them. They retail for $10 on their site right now, so go pick them up before they’re gone! As for holo top coats, you can find them quite easily via Indie retailers like Llarowe or Harlow & Co. 
Do you guys have a mani you really like doing? Or have you found a combo that you love?

3 thoughts on “Zoya Dahlia – Holofied

  1. Hi Yukie!

    I have a little tip for you, to help keep Starlight from tinting your base color too much! I find that if you apply the thinnest coat of Starlight possible, like dry brushing thin, it keeps the silver base from tinting your polish too much! I've done this before on other textured polishes, (Because of your previous manicures with it.) and it works fabulously!

    Hope this helps Yukie!


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