Here’s another Colors By Llarowe beauty for you guys. This, is Mercy. And she’s a stunner. I added Mercy and Unorthodox Annie into my cart knowing that in the bottle they looked similar, but they’re both gorgeous and I’m pretty stoked on having both. I’ll show you Unorthodox Annie tomorrow morning 🙂
Anyways, Mercy is a really rich dark plum with a strong holo running through it. It has a little bit of shimmer in there as well that’s just slightly lighter than the base which adds depth and dimension. The formula is opaque in almost one coat, but I used 2 to make it as rich as possible.
In the photos I have Seche Vite on top which added an extra shine, but the polish doesn’t need it. It shines pretty well on it’s own.
It’s currently available on Llarowe’s site, and retails for $12.
This color is pretty awesome on toes, btw. I had this as a pedicure for a while during the fall and it was beautiful!
I really like how glowy the CBL colors are, even inside. Do you guys have any polishes like that? Let me know in the comments!

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