There are times that I just feel like nothing is working for my hair. Does that happen to any of you? Like, I have a whole cabinet of products that I love, but they’re just not working. Even my holy grail, absolute favorite items, can sometimes just make my hair seem blah.
I went through one of those phases, about the same time that I went through my “2015 will be the year of Skin!” decision. So, I referenced some of my favorite beauty girls on YouTube and ended up with a good list of things to purchase at the drugstore. Admittedly not all of those things were hair care. Actually, I think only one of them ended up being hair care because I went skin care crazy.
But, after hearing Tati of GlamLifeGuru rave about this product, I knew I had to at least to check it out and try it since it was a drugstore buy.
The L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Dry Oil is a leave-in treatment for your hair. It’s advertised as a product that you’re able to use on wet and dry hair, and apparently fixes damage, tames flyaways and adds shine. 
After playing around with it for a while, I’ve been able to figure out the best way to use it for myself. Given that everybody has a different hair texture, and has a different list of products they use everyday for their hair, this may not be applicable for everyone, but it may help some of you.
Initially, I used it as I would any other hair oil. The oils I’m used to are on the thicker side, like Moroccan Oil or the Macadamia hair oil. They’re the consistency of Olive Oil. The texture of this, however, is much more thin and is easily sprayed through the nozzle of this bottle. 
So what I first started doing was concentrating this oil on the ends of my hair while it was damp after washing it. I used it mainly as a protectant for my hair, and noticed that it worked fairly well for that. It added shine, and added a pleasant scent, which was floral but not too strong. Slightly fruity. Sort of just what generic shampoo smells like.
My hair would dry fairly quickly with the oil on my ends. I noticed, however, that it didn’t absorb quite as well into damp hair as some of the thicker oils did, like Moroccan Oil. It sort of stayed slick in my hair and weighed it down a little, which I never found to be an issue with the thicker hair serum like oils. 
After figuring out that was an issue I had with it, I started using it for dry hair, in the middle of the day. 
In the middle of the day, if I felt like my hair was getting too frizzy, or needed to be put into place without a heavier pomade or a sticker spray, I’d use this. I would spray about two pumps of this directly into my palms, and then rub my palms together and smooth it into my hair. It added a nice shine and tamed down my hair without it feeling too heavy. Eventually though I noticed that it started to get a little too oily on my ends, and that again, by the end of the day my hair would just feel too greasy.
Finally, I started using this as a heat protectant, as well as on second day hair. As a heat protectant, I started spraying this in addition to my Got2B Guardian Angel heat protectant. The Guardian Angel acts as a barrier, and the L’Oreal adds gloss and shine to hair. The Guardian Angel can sometimes be a little dulling on the hair, or maybe it’s the heat processing. Either way, I’ve noticed that adding the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 adds shine to make heat styling look much nicer.
For second day hair, I’ve noticed that it adds shine back into my hair, after sleeping in a dry shampoo. What I like to do with dry shampoo is add some to my roots before going to bed, so that it all absorbs and dissipates into my hair so that I don’t end up with a lot of chalkiness in my hair, which would happen if I just added dry shampoo in the morning. Just as reference, the Oscar Blandi loose, white dry shampoo is my favorite. It works the best for me.
The morning after I sleep in dry shampoo though there’s always a little bit of dullness to my hair so I add again two sprays of this to my palms, and just run it first into my ends then use whatever is left on the top of my head. It adds the right amount of shine without making my hair too oily. It also adds in a little bit of a scent to freshen up my hair. 
As for if it delivers on it’s promises? I do think it helps with flyaways,.I can’t accurately tell you that it works to erase damage because I use so many other products that helps with that. I think it’s better on dry hair than on wet hair, but again that’s just up to my own preferences and hair type. 
It’s definitely a useful product if you wash your hair only a few times a week. I think it works especially nicely on straighter hair than wavier hair. For myself, I’ve noticed it emphasizes a frizz-free, straight hair, with nice shine, all in a good way. Sometimes it loosens my waves, even though it also helps with frizz and shine. 
I can definitely see where the raves come from with this product, however for me it’s not a daily essential. It’s a nice option at the drugstore though for an oil that you can use on dry hair without it being too heavy. 
Have any of you tried this product? What do you think?

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