Back to swatching polishes 🙂 I’m still playing catch up on things that I’ve needed to show you for a long time. Luckily most of them are still available, so I’m just late, and not providing you guys with basically useless swatches. Useless in that, you guys wouldn’t be able to purchase these products. 
This morning I have Llarowe’s My Broken Down Crop Duster, which is a dark brown, greyish shimmery base with a holo. I’m assuming it’s supposed to be similar to OPI’s original formula of My Private Jet, which was a dark brown holo. I’m assuming that because in the description on Llarowe’s website it says “I can’t afford a private jet so this is the next best thing! Deep blackened brown intense linear holo”. 
Formula on this was on par with the rest of the CBL colors that I’ve used, it’s really quite opaque and not too thick. It’s opaque in almost one coat, but I used two for insurance in these photos. It dries very shiny and fairly quickly. It evens out on the nail and there’s no patchiness.
I have a coat of Seche Vite on top, just to add shine, but it’s a shiny polish on it’s own. 
I wasn’t ever really planning on purchasing this polish but I’m glad that I sort of last minute browsed and added this into my basket. It’s a very pretty and formula wise a great polish to work with. 
I have a lot of nail polishes in my collection but I don’t have this particular shade so it was a great addition. I don’t own the original OPI My Private Jet so I can’t tell you how it compares, but I’m more than satisfied with My Broken Down Crop Duster 🙂
Do you guys have this polish? What do you think? Or what types of colors are you looking for? 

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