Hello everybody!
I have the ILNP Ultra Chrome Holos for you guys – the last video and post I put up was the ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies swatches.
The reason I purchased these was because I was requested by a viewer to make a video on dupes for difficult to find or popular polishes. The first thing I thought of was Enchanted Polish. Enchanted Polish is one of those indie brands that’s so coveted that a lot of stockists stopped carrying the polishes because the drama and pressure during restocks was insane. Literal insanity. Her restocks on her site are few and far between now and they’re still insanity. She makes incredibly coveted polishes.
I’m lucky enough to have all of what I think are some of her greatest polishes, the Imagine Collection which were duochrome, metallic AND holos and they were phenomenally unique when they first came out onto the nail polish scene. You can still track them down for a ridiculous markup on eBay, and join her email subscriptions so you know when her restocks are, but it’s always a tough restock.
Now, there are definitely options now for those of you that want those colors but don’t want the headache of those restocks. The best options, in my opinion, would be these ILNP Ultra Chrome Holos.
In the collection there are 12 colors – I ended up with 10 because two of them were sold out when I was purchasing them.
The colors I purchased were:
  • Birefringence – shifts from a bright blue to a purple, pink, orange, and gold. This one is a dupe for Enchanted Polish’s Across The Universe
  • Bishop – shifts from an old gold to a metallic gray. There’s also a bit of an olive green in there as well.
  • Cygnus Loop – shifts from a rich purple to a magenta, red, and orange. This one is a dupe for Enchanted Polish’s Octopus’s Garden.
  • Masquerade – shifts from a bright magenta, to a red, orange, gold and green.
  • Mutagen – shifts from a green to a pink to a silver. This one is a dupe for Hey Jude by Enchanted Polish.
  • Nostalgia – shifts from a rusty warm red to an orange to a green. Much less pink than Masquerade.
  • Peace – shifts from a purple to a magenta to a teal. This one has a strong blue-purple-pink look but at some angles there is a gold. This one sits right in between Across The Universe and Octopus’s Garden.
  • Reminisce – shifts from a bright green to a darker green then to a turquoise and dark blue. I say this in the video but it looks like Ariel’s tale 🙂 
  • Sirène – shifts from a bright green-turquoise to a purple, blue and magenta. This one is a dupe for Magical Mystery Tour. It’s maybe slightly greener at some angles, which you’ll see in the photos, but it’s ever so slight.
  • Undenied – shifts from a purple to magenta to gold in a very fall leaves sort of way. This one is an exact dupe for Yesterday from Enchanted Polish.
Formula wise, these are opaque in 2 to 3 coats depending on how thick the coats are. The holo is really delicate indoors and then is very bright outside in the sunlight. The metallic nature of the polish gives brushstrokes WHEN WET but when dried down, the duochrome hides it very well.
These retail for $12.50 each on the ILNP website. They’re beautiful colors and I highly recommend them in general, but also if you’re looking for some dupes for Enchanted Polish. 
For the swatches, I used 3 very thin coats on my nails as well as on the swatch wheels. The different lighting is listed underneath each photo.
Have any of you tried these? Or have any of you been looking for dupes of polishes you can’t find? Let me know if you want more posts like these 🙂 In the mean time, enjoy the swatches!

Birefringence (outside in natural light)

Birefringence (outside in natural sunlight)

Birefringence (outside in the shade)

Birefringence (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Birefringence (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Birefringence v. Across The Universe (oudside, natural lighting in the shade)

Bishop (outside, natural lighting)

Bishop (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Bishop (outside, natural lighting, in the sunlight)

Bishop (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Bishop (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Cygnus Loop (outside, natural lighting)

Cygnus Loop (outside, natural sunlight)

Cygnus Loop (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Cygnus Loop (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Cygnus Loop (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Cygnus Loop v. Octopus’s Garden (outside, natural lighting)

Masquerade (outside, natural lighting)

Masquerade (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Masquerade (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Masquerade (outside, natural lighting, between shade and sunlight)

Masquerade (outside, natural sunlight)

Masquerade (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Masquerade (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Mutagen (outside, natural lighting)

Mutagen (outside, natural sunlight)

Mutagen (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Mutagen (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Mutagen (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Mutagen v. Hey Jude (outside, natural lighting)

Nostalgia (outside, natural lighting)

Nostalgia (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Nostalgia (outside, natural sunlight)

Nostalgia (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Nostalgia (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Peace (outside, natural lighting)

Peace (outside, natural sunlight)

Peace (outside, natural lighting, the shade)

Peace (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Peace (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Peace v. Across The Universe v. Octopus’s Garden (outside, natural lighting)

Reminisce (outside, natural lighting)

Reminisce (outside, natural lighting, in the sunlight)

Reminisce (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Reminisce (inside, fluorescent lighting with flash)

Reminisce (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Sirène (outside, natural lighting)

Sirène (outside, natural lighting, in the shade)

Sirène (outside, natural sunlight)

Sirène (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Sirène (inside, fluorescent lighting, with flash)

Sirène v. Magical Mystery Tour (outside, natural lighting)

Undenied (outside, natural lighting)

Undenied (outside, natural lighting, in shade)

Undenied (outside, natural sunlight)

Undenied (inside, fluorescent lighting with flash)

Undenied (inside, fluorescent lighting)

Undenied v. Yesterday (outside, natural lighting)

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