As requested by some on YouTube, I’ve swatched all the Ultra Chrome Flakies by ILNP over black 🙂 If you guys missed the video, check it out below!
The swatches are all 1 coat over a black creme polish – I’ve included two photos of each polish at slightly different angles so you guys can see all of the color shift.
Each photo is labelled with the name of the polish.
Here’s some info from my original post, in case you guys missed that one as well 😀

The ILNP Ultra Chrome Flakies are all flakies in a clear base, that color shift and have an “ultra chrome” finish to them. Unlike the flakies that were popular a few years ago, these are not the white, iridescent flakies that require a base color to really pop. These flakies are mega vibrant and can be worn alone or as a top coat. The formula of the base the flakies are suspended in is easy to layer – so you can wear one or two coats with the look of a flaky manicure, or with 3 coats so you get a fully opaque metallic look on the nail. 

Each polish retails for $12.50 individually, which you can purchase here. Or you can get the whole set of 13 for $162.50, here, which doesn’t give you a price break, it’s just convenient if you’re purchasing the entire collection.


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