Sometimes I forget why Mac is such a big brand. I forget why people call it the “gateway drug” when it comes to starting beauty obsessions. Over the last few years, Mac has consistently released collections with less than stellar products, and has increased their prices, and has had a lot of issues regarding ordering. There have been fiascos during releases and where people don’t receive the products they’ve ordered. For such a large brand, sometimes it just feels like they’re being run by nut-cases lol.
Then there will be moments where I (inevitably) go back and discover, or re-discover, cult favorites. This is one of those moments.
Mac’s Ruby Woo Lipstick is a classically revered lipstick part of Mac’s permanent line. With a Retro Matte finish, it’s a very very matte, very very pigmented bright matte red color. It’s beautiful
For whatever reason I hadn’t picked it up until recently; it was one of those products where I thought “meh, it’s permanent, I don’t have to rush to purchase it” and I totally forgot about it because other red lipsticks were released by Mac and other brands. I then recently started seeing like EVERYBODY wearing it and realized that not only was it a classic, beautiful red, but that it looked good on everybody. That’s a pretty special thing for a product to be that successfully flattering. 
So, I had a ton of things to Back-To-Mac, and made a list of lipsticks that I wanted to trade in for, and made sure Ruby Woo was at the top of the list.
Ruby Woo is normally $16 on Mac’s website, but if you have empty containers from Mac (not like, the cap of a lip liner, but an empty foundation, or an empty pack of wipes) then you can trade in 6 of those for a regular lipstick (no Viva Glam or Mineralized/longwear products). That’s what I did and actually ended up bringing home like 5 lipsticks (I had a LOT of empties from Mac).
The texture is on the dry side, as it’s a matte formula. It’s definitely not one of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve ever worn. I’ve actually found that the Retro Matte lipsticks are a little more drying than the regular mattes. The Retro Mattes are a little bit brighter than the regular mattes as well. However, the lipstick is super pigmented. In the photos below, I just have one swipe of the product on my lips. The color lasts a good 6 hours on me, and although it feels dry on the lips, it didn’t flake or budge. I used NYX’s lip liner in Cabaret to line my lips before using the lipstick. 
Personally, I absolutely love the color and it makes up for the price as well as the general feel of the lipstick on the lips. I know though that those are two breaking points for a lot of other people.
There are definitely products out there that are equal to or better than this particular lipstick in that you can find a similar shade in a similar but less drying texture. Since I was able to Back-To-Mac for this product and get it basically for free, it was much easier to reflect on how positively I feel about this lipstick.
With red lipsticks, it’s definitely about the specific shade of red that you find flattering on yourself. Not all shades are universally flattering. The fact that Ruby Woo is generally beautiful on everyone was another very positive point for me when reflecting on this lipstick.
Do you guys have a go-to favorite red lip? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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