“Deep Blood Red Glowing Holo” is the first line in the description on Llarowe’s site. TRUTH.
Seriously though.
Back in like… October? September? When I was still on like a “nothing excites me right now” mood in terms of beauty products, I was casually browsing Facebook and noticed that Llarowe had a new collection of colors up from her Colors By Llarowe line. Since I generally really like her polishes, I decided to check them out.
This was the first one I saw. And that was it. I did that thing again, where I put in the restock date and reminder in my calendar and stalked the site.
I had to have this polish.
I had not seen such a rich, glowy, vibrant, but deep, and mysterious, red like this in… ever. I literally freaked out. Like, who does that? Who makes a polish like that? Well, Leah did lol.
I wasn’t at all worried about how the polish could differ from swatches to what it looks like in real life, because well, I had that much faith lol. I actually didn’t even think about it. The restock came, and I added it to my cart, no hesitations, and checked out after adding a bunch of others.
When the box came, this was the first polish I searched for. It was the first polish I put on. And it was totally worth it.
Obsessed With Marilyn is a super rich, deep, vampire-sustaining blood red with a speckle of holo and shimmer. It’s deep, and it glows. And it looks like this in person. It’s fantastic.
I used 2 coats, but it was almost opaque in 1 coat. For a base coat I used Orly Bonder and I used Seche Vite on top and this mani lasted a good 5 days on me before I removed it. There were a few chips but I had been painting the house that week so it was expected.
Obsessed With Marilyn retails for $12 on Llarowe’s site, and is currently still available 🙂
Have you ever stopped in your tracks because of a polish you saw? I’d love to hear your stories! Or if you’re not as crazy as I am (lol) is there something that would make you do that otherwise?

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