I told you guys, I love gray. Gray has been a thing for me. But specifically, a gray with teal shimmer has been something I’ve been searching high and low for, for a long time. It totally stems from the fact that I want a “neutral” San Jose Sharks themed polish to wear, so I’m not always wearing teal cremes (which I actually have no issue with). 
Anyways, I follow an indie polish maker, Polish by KPT, on Instagram and one day I saw that she had released a new collection based off of Paris. Totally intrigued, I scrolled through her page and saw Cloudy Days Go Away and totally, totally, died on the inside. It was perfect. It was everything I had been searching for. 
I hadn’t put a nail polish launch in my calendar in forever. I was that excited. I totally stalked the site until it was available and ordered mine as soon as it was up.
The best thing is, this polish is just as pretty in person as it is in swatches. Although I love super high quality swatches, sometimes it can totally deceive you about a polish. Sometimes a super high quality photo can actually overly enhance the way a polish looks on a person’s nails and then you get it in the mail and it doesn’t perform the way it did in those photos. It’s nothing against that type of blogging – and in fact I totally admire those photos because, they’re beautiful – but from a practical standpoint, sometimes the good old iPhone or point and shoot camera does a more truthful job at portraying a polish. Going back to the point, this polish looked just as good in real life as it did in people’s swatches.
Cloudy Days Go Away is a soft, light gray with neutral undertones, and has a shimmer that shifts from blue to turquoise. The shimmer is strong enough to show up without really having to find the right light angles (the ONE THING about shimmer that gets to me lol) but isn’t too strong that it overwhelms the gray base, or turns it into a fully shimmery, almost metallic nail polish. 
The formula is on the thinner side, but layers really well. I these photos I have 3 coats. The polish was fully opaque in 2, but I just like the security of 3 coats of polish lol. Since it was on the thinner side though, the polish didn’t feel heavy or overly thick and almost gel like on the nail. This mani lasted on me for a week without chipping or noticeable wear 🙂
I’m pretty in love with this polish. And so I bought a back up. It’s still available on the Polished by KPT site, and retails for $12 😀 If you’re a gray polish fan, I totally TOTALLY recommend it.
Are there any polishes that you guys are searching for? Any specific color combos that you’re dying to find? Let me know in the comments!

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