So like…. a million years ago, I was browsing Instagram and saw the most ridiculously beautiful manicure on A-England’s page. She posted a manicure that ThePolishingLife had done, using the most popular A-England polishes including Dragon and St. George (which are personal faves). It was an ombre mani that shifted through each finger to create this awfully beautiful shimmery, holo, green/gold manicure.
Being totally inspired by that, I dug into my stash and lined up a bunch of blues and turquoises and came up with this combo.
The thing is, I did this manicure like… 20 weeks ago. So like 5 months ago. So I don’t really remember what polishes I used. However, I can tell you I started with a yellow-green, similar to OPI’s Fiercely Fiona (a Shrek color from 5 years ago) and faded into a bright blue, using various turquoises, into a dark blue, into a purple. The purple was probably OPI’s Funkey Dunkey, also from the Shrek collection.
On top of all that I added a holo top coat.
Since I can’t give you the names of the polishes I actually used, I’ll instead give you some tips for creating ombre manis 🙂

  • Use a white base first, so you don’t have to layer so much polish on top. It’ll keep things brighter, and less thick on the nail.
  • Cut the sponges (I use square makeup sponges) so they’re only as wide as your nail. It’ll keep things as clean as possible 😀
  • Use a school glue and paint it on your cuticles. Wait for it to dry then sponge on the color. The benefit of this is that you can simply peel away the color that ends up on your finger.
For more info on the school glue thing, I made a video of it! Check it out at the end of this post.
So again, sorry for the sort of lame post – but I just wanted to post this anyways. I personally use this blog as an archive for what I’ve done nail polish and makeup wise so I like to keep things as updated as possible 🙂
If you guys have ever done color combos you particularly liked, let me know in the comments! Or if you have a blog link it down below so I can see what you’ve all done 🙂

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