I totally lied and said I started swatching my collection with Essies. I actually started with Butter London. And I totally lied when I did that and I said I had all of them done. Because I actually have two more. Moral of the story, I’m a bad and forgetful blogger lol 🙂
Here’s the second to last Butter London polish in my collection, which I now recall not originally swatching because I lost sunlight when I did the first batch and wanted to do these polishes justice.
Dodgy Barnett is a wispy silver with a small holo flake running through it. It’s not a true linear holo, but from afar it does look almost linear. The holo flake makes it look a little chunky, but is still super fun and rainbow-y like a holo.
I remember when Dodgy Barnett came out that it was one of the first polishes that came out that was in the slightest holographic amongst mainstream and easily available brands. There still aren’t holos available in mainstream brands, but indies have got you covered so it’s not as big of a deal. When Dodgy Barnett first came out, holos weren’t as popular, even in the indie world.
This polish is opaque in 3 coats. It’s a very pretty polish, and for people not super familiar with holo polishes, I would totally recommend at least checking it out to see if it’s something you’d like.
It’s still available on Butter London’s website for $15, but I’ve also seen it in stores like Ulta and Nordstrom.

3 thoughts on “Butter London Dodgy Barnett | Swatches & Review

  1. I own this and love it! Now the polish craze is for Masked Affair by L'Oreal from their Dark Sides of Grey collection. It seems like its hard to find in some areas since it's a drugstore brand and limited edition. I own it and it seems like its a bit more holo than Dodgy Barnett but I still love DB. 🙂


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