It’s absolutely no secret I love my masks. I love them. I live in them. They’re my favorite skin care things to splurge on. As a combo-oily big pored skin person, they make the biggest difference. They help regulate my skin and help deep clean without being too harsh. 
About the same time I ran out of my Lush Greased Lightning, I also ran out of my Lush masks, my Glam Glow masks, and my Queen Helene mint mask. I was mask less. And I felt vulnerable and alone lol. 
When I went to Sephora to pick up my Clinique acne gel, I also went to search for a new face mask. I came across the Origins display, and remembered that I had previously tried out the Clear Improvement Mask and really liked it so I put it in my basket, ready to conquer my skin.
The Origins Clear Improvement Mask retails for $25 at Sephora and is an active charcoal mask. It’s thinner in consistency – not as heavy as mud masks. It dries very quickly and you can feel your face getting cleaner by the minute. I can typically use a quarter sized amount to cover my whole face in a thin layer of the product. I like to sit with it on my face for about 20 to 30 minutes.
After washing off the product, my skin is always the most soft and the most glowy. There’s little to no redness, and for about a day afterwards the oil production on my face isn’t as active as it usually is. 
Compared to the Glam Glow masks and the Lush masks, it does a good job clearing out my pores and nourishing my skin. The Glam Glow and Lush masks are more exfoliating than this mask, which really just is clarifying. 
As an overnight treatment, it helps reduce breakouts in the spots you apply it to. If my skin ever gets really really bad, I like to apply a spot treatment, then add just a smudge of a face mask as another spot treatment on top to really reduce swelling and redness in a breakout. This mask also pulls out impurities so it definitely helps clear out a breakout. 
It was a nice and refreshing turn to have this mask in my collection again – it’s a great mask and I highly recommend it to other oily skinned, big pored people 🙂

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