So holiday diets mean holiday skin. And holiday skin means that I start reaching for all of my skin quick fixes. 
Usually I reach for my Lush Greased Lightening spot treatment. It’s my go-to spot treatment; it helps dry out my breakouts super quick and helps completely heal them. I use it daily just to keep my skin in check, even though the Lush site says not to. To be fair, there’s no way you could use that whole thing before it expires without using it everyday.
Anyways, in the middle of December, I ran out of my beloved Greased Lightening. And, there’s not a Lush really that close to me, so I went in search for a new spot treatment. I’ve previously loved the Burt’s Bees, and I still do. They’re still great products. I just wanted to play the field a little. 
I had a 100 Point Perk from Sephora of this Clinique product when I ran out of the Lush spot treatment, so I pulled it out and started using it. Immediately I checked to make sure it was a salicylic acid treatment because I can’t use benzoyl peroxide. It tears apart my skin. Thankfully, it was.
The small 100 Point Perk lasted me about 2 weeks of everyday use, and I noticed my breakouts went down and healed fairly well. I basically get cystic acne on my chin and the occasional small pimples around my mouth of between my eyebrows. Otherwise, I don’t break out. Break outs come hormonally (although almost never since I started using the Lush Greased Lightning) or if I consume too much sugar and dairy. Holiday diets = Holiday skin. I broke out in multiple cystic acne assaults on my chin and it was about 3 weeks of awful.
The Clinique Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel comes in a clear gel that’s thin to the touch and blends out easily. It dries easily and quickly. I felt it working rather quickly on the multiple breakouts on my chin. I noticed reduced redness and swelling within a day. Without treatments, my breakouts will sit for about 2 weeks. With the Lush treatment, in 7 days I’ll have no breakouts. With the Clinique gel, I found that within 5-7 days, the breakout was gone. 
Impressed with how quickly this treatment worked, I went and bought the full size, which retails for $25 at Sephora. I’ve generally had great luck with Clinique skin care items, and in the past I really loved the 3 Step Skin Care system I was using.
I noticed around the third week of using this product, that I had a bit of dryness on my chin. Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant, so it exfoliates your skin to help with breakouts. Knowing that, I knew that was a possible side effect, so I didn’t really pay much attention to it. I kept using the product as I did the Lush Greased Lightning, which was on a daily basis.
As a spot treatment, for occasional use as a fighting measure against breakouts, I highly recommend this product. It works well to take down breakouts and fully heal them.
As a preventative treatment for everyday use, I wouldn’t recommend this product. It’s fairly drying, so to dry out breakouts it works great, but as an every day product it’ll overly dry out your skin.
Comparatively, the Lush Greased Lightning is only $17. I have a use for both products, as the Lush is a great preventative product and the Clinique is a quicker spot treatment. If I had to pick one, I’d pick the Lush because it was cheaper and something I could use everyday, but that doesn’t mean the Clinique is a poorly performing product. It’s a great product, especially for those who have benzoyl peroxide sensitivity like I do. It’s also a more powerful spot treatment so if you’re somebody that doesn’t need an everyday product, then you’d do great with just purchasing the Clinique.
Are there any products you guys use to fight your breakouts? Let me know in the comments down below 🙂

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