So I bought some polishes this past weekend. They were all indies. I haven’t done that in a while. And well, it got me in the indie mood. So I pulled open my indie drawer, and saw Oh Splat! and new that’s what I wanted. I haven’t done glitter and rainbow in a long time. It’s nice to see you again, old friend 😉
Oh Splat! by KB Shimmer is one of the reasons I bought a whole bunch of KB Shimmer in the first place. Radha and Eshani, who are enablers and are evil polish monsters posted all these photos a while back of KB Shimmer polishes and I knew I had to have them. Then I bought like 10 of them and I had no regrets and I love them all. KB Shimmer is a solid brand and does amazing glitters.
This polish though is one of the most (or was, when it first came out) unique and amazing polishes in their line. It’s an opaque white crelly, base with different sized hex glitters in a rainbow combination of awesomeness.
I don’t know how they do it, but KB Shimmer’s crelly base is one of the best I’ve come across. No tugging. No thickness. It’s so easy to work with. It doesn’t get goopy when you layer multiple times. Here I have 3 coats, but it doesn’t look or feel like 3 coats. I have a coat of Seche Vite on top and still it feels very light.
Oh Splat! retails for $8.75 on the KB Shimmer site. It’s so popular, in fact, that if you google KB Shimmer, Oh Splat! is one of the links that automatically comes up under the KB Shimmer site result. People love this polish, and it’s for good reason.
I highly recommend this polish, as well as checking out their other polishes – again the formula of these glitters is awesome. All around, not a thick polish and the glitter pick up is great!

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