I long for the warm days of summer. Sort of. Not really, weather wise. We need the rain real bad. But I long for summer because of all the colors I get to pull out in summer. Bright reds? Love.
Essie’s Hip-Anema is sort of the perfect summer red. It’s a very warm red with orange tones to it. However, the orange isn’t so strong as I don’t like it on me (which I’m no fan of on my skin tone). It’s the perfect bright summer red. I have a purse that it matches and I’m that person in the summer that matches their mani/pedi with their purse.
The formula is on the thinner side – I used 3 coats, almost considered 4, for this to achieve full opacity. I again, added a top coat. This polish dries fairly shiny though so you may not need one.
My only complaint about this polish, is that it stains. It stains, so badly. I wore this often last summer, and every time I shook my tiny hamster sized fists to the nail polish gods and internally yelled “whyyyyyyyyyyyy” because without fail I’d get orangey red stains all over my nails. It was no bueno.
Such a pretty polish. Such awful staining. I just love the color enough to keep it and continue using it.
Essie polishes retail for between $8 and $9 and you can find them at all drugstores – unfortunately this polish was limited edition so it’s not readily available anymore. Fortunately, this sort of color isn’t a difficult color to find in other brands 🙂

Do you guys have a color that you keep, even though it has some faults?

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