This is a few weeks late, but I figured I may as well share it before it’s too late 🙂
For Christmas this year I really didn’t go all that holiday nail crazy – I only did one manicure, and I did it on Christmas Eve.
The holiday nail bug just didn’t hit me this year I guess.
I did see a lot of really gorgeous manis on Instagram though that I knew I at least at some point wanted to recreate. I weeded out all of the super complicated ones, and found one by @AllNailsEverything that was a matted out shimmery red with glitter on top. It was simple, festive, pretty, and easy to do.
For my version of this mani I wanted to incorporate more than just silver glitter, which is what the original that @AllNailsEverything did. So I dug through all my polishes and found a gold, red, and pearly white glitter to layer over Opi’s Royal Rajah Ruby.
The gold was OPI’s When Monkeys Fly! from the Oz collection and the pearly one was Pirouette My Whistle from a soft shades collection a few years back. The red is Lynnderella’s Undead Red.
On top, I layered Julep’s matte top coat which is my favorite of my stash (I only own 2 lol).
The best thing about matte manis is that they dry relatively quick, and if you accidentally nudge your nail, you can sort of manipulate it back into place and still have it look pretty good.
I totally forgot how much I like the look of matte nails too – especially matted out glitters. Perhaps I’ll do another one soon 🙂
This mani lasted about a week before it totally chipped away. Lynnderella polishes are available on her eBay site, and OPI is available in salons and stores like Ulta. These particular colors were limited edition, however, there are a lot of dupes that you can substitute in.
Did any of you do anything fun for the holidays on your nails? Let me know in the comments!

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