Whaaaaaaattttttt? I’m posting a nail polish reviewwwwww???????
Guess that means the semester is over 😉
So a while back I started swatching all of my Essie nail polishes. Let’s pick up where we left off. Corals!
California Coral is a pink toned coral with warm undertones. It pulls a little bit more red in person – the picture above definitely makes it seem pinker than in real life.
It’s a creme finish and is representative of Essie’s amazing creme formulas – opaque in 2 coats, goes on smooth and dries very shiny.
This is part of Essie’s permanent collection and you can purchase Essie polishes at all drugstores across the U.S.
I happen to really like pink toned corals on me so this is one of my favorites to pull from. Generally, orange toned corals are not my favorite, so the pink ones always satiate my need to wear coral.
Do you guys have a specific type of coral you like? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments down below!

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