Ok, so you guys know I LOVE Rescue Beauty Lounge. Even if I wasn’t a video reviewer for Ji, I’d still absolutely rave about her polishes because they’re amazing. I have in the past, and I always will in the future, love all the products I have from RBL. You guys know the love affair I had with the Real Housewives of the Tudor Dynasty collection, and I don’t think I’ve had a polish from her since then that I hadn’t liked, that wasn’t of amazing quality and wasn’t really unique in my collection.
Well, I have some pretty exciting news for you. That news is…

….. A SALE!
Starting on October 17th (which is a Friday) Ji will be offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free PLUS FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING.
Like… What??! This is the PERFECT opportunity to pick up some lemmings any of you may have – I absolutely know I will be picking some up 🙂
It starts at Noon EST on 10/17.
Here are just a few more things to consider:
  • Make sure you have secure wifi to make things go as smoothly as possible!
  • Try to avoid ordering from smart phones and tablets – but if you do, I’ve gotten word from Ji that it should be fine because she has a new webmaster and server. REGARDLESS – if you can, try and just go via wifi and computer, so you can get all your pretties happily and safely 😀
  • COLORS NOT INCLUDED IN SALE: The Italian Summer and #KDrama Collections will NOT be a part of this sale. However, Ji has an amazing selection of colors outside of those, including some awesome colors for the fall (The Poem Collection is GORGE for fall!). Check those out – I’ll link all my RBL posts here so you can browse.

Let me know what your wishlist is! I definitely have a few I’m going to pick up – including Mismas, Orbis Non Sufficit, Kellie Gonzo and Scrangie 2.0 🙂
Here are some other swatches from RBL – Enjoy!

And remember – 10/17, Noon EST. See you there!

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