Second new mani in two days 🙂 As I’m showing you guys the swatches of my Essie collection, I’ll also concurrently show you my manis. As a good blogger should 😉
This was totally inspired by my current obsession with shimmers. Enchanted Polish Secret Sauce and Starlight Polish Phoenix, Dragon and Unicorn? Love love love. LOVE. So to keep on those shimmery themes, I pulled out Ninja Polish’s Divinity.
Divinity is a shimmery warm purple base with red strong red shimmer as well as a shifty shimmer that goes from orange to green. It’s a stunner, and can completely be worn on it’s own. It has a jelly finish and so the shimmer looks super deep and amazing and it’s depth is just my favorite.
To add a little bit more sparkle, I dabbed on a slightly rough ombre to my ring finger, using A-England’s Holy Grail. Holy Grail is a bright but still deep gold flakey shimmer. It’s super gilded and also just a fantastic polish.
Again, I had this on for just a single day because my nail ADD has been off the wall recently lol.
Do you guys have Divinity? Or any polishes like it? What do you think? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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