Hi Guys 🙂
I’ve been really getting back into nail art again, so while browsing OhMyGoshPolish’s YouTube Channel, I saw her version of the Turquoise Stone manicure, and decided to do it again. I love the look of this mani and love how easy it is.
For this particular mani, I used Essie’s In The Cab-Ana, Orly’s Luxe and Wet N Wild’s black polish.
I had this on for a day, because I just have had the itch to be nail-creative recently.
I’ve done this manicure once before, but I think I like this combo more than the previous one.
I’ve linked the video down below, as well as the CutePolish water spotted technique video so you can see exactly how I did it!

Now just to mention it, I’ve recently been using a glue base for my base coats since I’ve been changing my nails so much recently. I also used the glue around my fingers, as OhMyGoshPolish suggests in the video. Clean-up is such a breeze this way and it’s a LIFE CHANGER.
I have no idea why I just…ignored? this technique until now. I’ve heard of it originally from Lissa, LissaLoves, and I’ll link the post she links to on her site.
Do you guys like nail art? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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