Hey guys!
Next stop on the Essie swatch-a-thon is Mademoiselle. Mademoiselle is a light pink jelly – sort of like the pink version of Marshmallow.
The photo above is 3 coats on the nail. Instead of an off-white creme that gives the creamy look on the nail, Mademoiselle gives off a pink tint, but still looks very healthy and clean on the nails.
Mademoiselle dries down super shiny and can be layered to 4 coats for a fully opaque pink color but I personally love the slightly sheer pink look with this polish.
This is a great color to wear if you’re going on vacation, fyi, because when it chips, it won’t be as noticeable. Well, it won’t be as noticeable for light to medium skin tones. This color actually blends fairly well with my skintone.
As a jelly, it’ll work great for jelly manicure polishes, and this will also work great for french manicures, if you’re into them.
Essie polishes retail for $8 to $9 at Drugstores across the US.

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