Hey hey!
I’m back from a week in Southern California, and I’m going to start posting my Essie swatches for you all 🙂
We’re going to start with Marshmallow, which is one of the lightest colors that Essie offers in it’s core line.
Marshmallow is a milky white jelly, without any shimmer or added pearlesence. I originally bought Marshmallow to use for jelly sandwich manicures. Glitter gets slightly mattified under the milky color and looks so cool under a coat of Marshmallow.
In the photo, I used 4 coats of Marshmallow to get to full opacity. As you can see, it looks really squishy but on the thicker side. It’s almost a pure white, but with the jelly finish it almost has a slight tint of cream to it.
This is one of those colors that I think would be a great bridal color – because it’s sheer nature, if you use about 2 coats of this, you’ll get a nice amount of coverage to hide any imperfections in your nails, but you’ll get a decent amount of color on your nails to mimic the look of healthy, manicured nails.
Essie polishes are available at all drugstores and retail for between $8 and $9 in the US.

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