Back in March, I took Zoya’s Stevie, which is a pastel purple Pixie Dust color, added a holo top coat, and just about died at the results. I had also done it with OPI’s Alcatraz Rocks, and again, had the most amazing holo, shimmery crazy amazing combo. With those two successful experiments, I knew that adding a holo top coat to the textured polishes was a combo that I would go back to in the future.
This time I chose Zoya’s Nyx, which is a grayish, blueish slightly periwnkle base with a really beautiful crystal shimmer running through it. Adding the holo top coat added just the right amount of rainbow to again, create a very fun and girly finish on the nail.
I’ve been all about these gray tones recently, so being able to add holo to it made it like a thousand times better.
Zoya Nyx is available on Zoya’s website. The holo top coat I used was from Cult Nails but many indie brands make a holo top coat that you can use.
Do any of you have a favorite combo when layering polishes? Let me know so I can try them out!

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