Hi! Sorry for the momentary lack of posts – I’ve been swatching all my Essie polishes and then just been out having a summer vacation.
Today I have Zoya’s Mimi – a polish that I’m very very fond of from a collection that I’m very very fond of.
Zoya’s Sparkle Collection is probably still one of my favorite collections of all time, and I’m always reminded of it when I wear Charla, which is my favorite of the collection. Charla, the magnificently mermaidy turquoise sparkly bottle of glory.
I wear Charla so often though that sometimes I forget about how much I love the other colors.
Yesterday at work I asked my coworker Rachael what I should put on next and she said something sparkly and purple. I went home and looked through all my colors and came across Mimi again and was completely set because it’s the best purple of all time.
Mimi is a dark purple with a gorgeous glass fleck shimmer running through it. It’s on the thin side at first but layers to this, full opacity, in three coats. It doesn’t get thick at all though and the sparkle and color gets super deep and just amazing.
The entire Sparkle collection is available on Zoya’s website. If I were to recommend any colors from Zoya, it’d definitely be the Sparkle Collection.
Do any of you have a favorite purple?

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