I really should just leave this post as a photo. LOOK AT IT.
This is Butter London’s Slapper and it’s a beauty, inside and out.
Eshani, or TtlMakeupJunkie101, posted a picture of this on her Instagram years ago, and she was the first that I saw this on. For about a year after seeing her photo, I finally had purchased it but still hadn’t put it on. It’s a turquoise creme, and you know I love my teals and turquoises, but I just had so many that I never got around to using it.
Finally about 2 years ago, I wore it for the first time and was blown away. It’s a very bright turquoise creme with a flawless formula that glides on the nail and dries to a perfectly shiny finish. It’s opaque in two coats. It’s got that really good Butter London formula (as opposed to the bad formulas I’ve encountered through some of their polishes) that is just effortless.
Even after two years, this polish still had a fantastic formula. It was good to see that it hadn’t dried out yet. 
I absolutely am in love with this polish and it’s definitely a keeper 🙂
Butter London is available at Ulta, Nordstrom and other department stores. 

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