Here is another Butter London glitter for all of you all this afternoon.
Henley Regatta is a teal and green microglitter in a clear base. I’ll let you know right now, this was a pain to get to full opacity in a photo. It’s most definitely meant to be a top coat over a different colored base.
The formula is on the thicker side making it a really awesomely bad time to layer and get to full glitter coverage. It works pretty decently as a polish to use over other polishes though. With one coat you get a partial glitter coverage so you can see the base coat underneath.
Although this is a beautiful polish and although I love glitter, and love teal, I have to say that Nubar’s Teal Glitter is infinitely a better product because it layers easier yet you can still use it for the same function as this polish. Henley Regatta is most definitely not the polish I would recommend first. It’s a pity though because this really is a beautiful polish in the bottle, and in this photo even. Just the experience of using it has turned me off from it, knowing that there are better teal glitters out there.
Butter London polishes are available at Ulta and Nordstrom and other department stores.
Have you guys used this? Did you guys have as much trouble as I have?

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