Good afternoon! Today I have Knackered from Butter London ūüôā
In theory, this polish seemed like a total hit for me. In the bottle, and in the descriptions on various websites, it’s a multichrome polish with holo pieces of microglitter mixed in. The multichrome goes from a silver to a bright pink and over to a nice green. There are shades of purple and blue in there as well.
However, in practice, it falls pretty flat. Yes, in the sunlight it looks fantastic, as you can see in these photos. But the formula is so¬†thin. There are five coats of this polish in the photos. FIVE. And you can still see a visible nail line in my photos. Not only that, when indoors, the polish has a very foggy, look to it. There isn’t really a strong color or a strong glitter. You can see how flat it falls in my photo below that was taken in the shade. There’s a hint of glitter but that’s because I was still outside. Indoors there is no glitter, ever. It just looks like a pale silver shimmery polish. Super 90s.
Although it looks good outside, it doesn’t make up for such a thin formula and for such little individuality when indoors.
Butter London polishes are available at Ulta, Nordstrom and other department stores.
Have any of you tried this polish? Was yours as thin as mine??

in shade

One thought on “Butter London Knackered | Swatches & Review

  1. I bought this polish since it is SOOO pretty in a bottle, but I haven't worn it yet. That's disappointing that it is so thin. I wonder what it would like if I used a black base color and then put Knackered on top. I wonder how it would change the color.


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