For everybody looking for a good neutral in Butter London’s line, I have a few of them, starting with Toff.
Toff is a dusty, midtoned mauve, with a slight rose tone to it. It’s a good fall color and a good color for the office without going too dark, too brown or too neutral. Just like Trout Pout, this had an excellent formula, gliding onto the nail very easily and working very well without dragging or pulling.
This polish is actually one of my favorite Butter London polishes because of the unique color. It’s very reminiscent of Essie’s Angora Cardi. You’d think a lot of brands would make this sort of muted berry color but surprisingly they don’t.
I absolutely recommend this polish to everyone looking to try the Butter London products. I was actually given this as a gift from Radha and am always so thankful whenever I wear it 😀
Butter London polishes are available at Ulta, Nordstrom and other department stores.
Do you guys have a favorite neutral creme? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Butter London Toff | Swatches & Review!

  1. Ooh I love this 🙂
    I have a nail polish from GOSH and one from Models Own who look like this polish and I love them 🙂
    Wish I could buy Butter London here in Vasa, I saw them in Helsinki but they were so expensive that I could not buy them at the time (had already spent too much at MAC) 😉


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