For a few months now, this has been the only mask I’ve been using. I’ve been going through a massive skin care kick for the past year or so now, and have been looking for the best mud mask. And this is totally it.
Glam Glow has been getting a ton of good reviews for a while now. I was tweeting about it and to my surprise, Sara sent me one of these little Glam Glow pots and I was so excited! I tried it once, and I was sold. After that over the winter, I saved up and splurged on a few of the other Glam Glow Products.
Today I have the YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment mud for you. This small pot you can purchase at Sephora for about $20. It comes with enough product to do 3 full masks, or you can use it for spot treatments. I typically use it for spot treatments – I’ll take a little chunk and use it on a small patch of my chin or on just my nose. 
The clay smells slightly floral and minty. It’s not an overpowering smell though so if you’re sensitive to fragrance it should be too bad. The mud itself is a slightly gritty texture and there are small exfoliating pieces inside as well. 
It dries really quickly when you apply it. It’s not an overly drying or uncomfortable feeling though like some mud masks are. 
After about 20 minutes or so, I remove with warm water and the skin underneath is super soft, conditioned, clean and glowing. It’s crazy. Every time I use the product, my skim always feels it’s best. When spot treating, the breakouts I use it over are always shrunken in size and less sore. 
Even though it’s pretty expensive for the amount of product you receive, it definitely is a holy grail skin care product. I’d definitely suggest the little size of the Glam Glow products because they’re fairly affordable.
You can purchase Glam Glow at Sephora. 
Have you guys tried these? Or do you have any holy grail products?

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