After a ton of Googling and being super confused, I’ve finally been able to write up this post for you all. Or maybe I’m just easily confused? I don’t know. Still, Layla Cosmetics seems to be harder to find than I thought.
I’d previously seen some very pretty Layla flakies floating around online on various blogs and videos and always thought in the back of my mind that I should go and pick some up. One, for example, being a polish that looks almost exactly like this one on MissHollyBerries’ blog last year. I’ve always heard great things about them, and they’ve always looked so pretty in swatches.
Layla as a company has also been pretty innovative and has made quite a few waves in the nail polish world over the last few years. They were the first company with magnetic polishes I had seen, as well as the first company with the super chrome nail polishes, the ones that OPI recently made their version of in the OPI Gwen Stefani collection.
With all of that, I always get pretty excited to see and hear about Layla, because they’ve got such awesome products!
The polish I have for you today was given to me by Sara – I don’t know where she bought it, since she lives in Canada, but I’ll let you all know if I find out! She sent it to me during the holidays and I’ve been playing with it ever since 😀
Layla Pro Nail Polish in Pixie Dust is a warm purple jelly packed (and I mean packed) with iridescent flakes that shift from a fiery red/orange to a bright green. It’s semi-opaque with one coat, giving a good coverage of flakes but still sheer should you choose to layer it over a different polish. At two coats it’s fully opaque with amazing depth. It’s SO cool!
I have a few other flakey polishes that have this color scheme, but this is definitely the most opaque and most dense nail polish. The other flakies, including an Nfu Oh flakey and various indies have a more sparse coverage.
The polish dries down very glossy and dries on the slower side. Typically for me, jellies and flakies seem to dry less quickly than cremes and glitters.
I could have sworn it was sold at Ulta, but perhaps I’m wrong? It’s no longer on their website, although I’ve seen some Layla polishes at Ulta in my last few trips. And it wasn’t even this particular line of polish. They’re not even on the Layla website. Currently you can currently find the Layla Nail Pro Nail Polishes on Zappos for about $15.

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