Good morning! Today I have some makeup to show you guys 😀
It’s been a while since I’ve shown any makeup on this blog so I thought it’d be a nice change of pace for a little bit. Don’t worry though. There’s still plenty of nail polishes I have to show you. I’m also thinking of starting to catalog all the colors I have (like a giant Essie spree, or OPI etc.) if anybody was interested?
Anyways, here’s one of Clinique’s new (or newer, since I think they’ve been out for about five months now) Cheek Pop blushes. I’ve heard great things about them online and in various magazines and was super excited to try them out. Clinique is a brand that I grew up watching my mom use so I have quite a fondness for their products. They’re also generally very wearable products and tend to be fairly gentle on skin. It’s a great brand for those that love the light, “no makeup makeup” look, since pretty much everything they make is in a neutral palette.They also aren’t that expensive, compared to other department store brands.
There are four blushes in this line, and they go from a perky midtoned pink to a nice warm orangey peach. The one I purchased was Ginger Pop, which is an almost terra cotta, orange toned blush. The blush itself is packaged in a clear plastic compact. The powder is shaped like a daisy and it’s the cutest. I actually love the packaging because you can clearly see the product inside and it gives me more incentive to use it.
As for the product inside, the powder is soft and blendable and has good color payoff – you can get a medium to full color coverage depending on how much you blend out the product. It stays on my skin pretty well throughout the day and fades after about 8 hours. You can build up the color as well if you want a little bit of a stronger color on your cheeks. The blush has a slight sheen to it, so it’s not completely matte, but it looks natural when applied to the face. It’s a nice, slight glow and makes you look nice and healthy 🙂
The Clinique Cheek Pop blushes are available at department stores and Sephora, and they retail for $21 each. I don’t know if I’m going to purchase another once, just because I have a ton of blushes to use already anyways, but I think the color range is good for those who have a smaller collection than I do. 
Have any of you tried these out? What do you think?

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