So I told you yesterday that I had swatched another Zoya over Dream, and here it is 🙂 This is Maria Luisa, and it’s a total gem. 

There was a good trend going for about a year, through both the mainstream and indie world, to make 24k Gold top coats. OPI’s Man With The Golden Gun, for example was a clear base with tiny flecks of gold leaf. It’s a very luxurious concept and provided a pretty cool and niche effect on the nail. I believe Zoya had one and then there were others in indie brands.
They were expensive though, so I only bought the OPI since it was in mega cool packaging, as a part of the Skyfall collection.
I was happy to see that Zoya created a top coat to mimic this effect as not everybody had the budget for the real gold top coats. For their fall 2013 Satin collection, Zoya released Maria Luisa, which is a shimmery but very sheer gold base packed with a bunch of gold flakes. The finish on the nail ends up being either a sprinkling of gold or a very gilded look to the nail.
I’ve swatched one coat of Maria Luisa over Dream on my index and ring fingers, and then three coats of it on my middle and pinkie fingers with no base, so you can see how it does on it’s own as well as paired over something else. I like how foiled the pieces are, and how warm the shade of gold is. It’s absolutely a fantastic alternative to the 24k Gold polishes at a standardly affordable price.
Formula wise, I think it fairs better as a top coat than as a polish to be worn on it’s own. Since the pieces aren’t completely opaque you’ll still have a bit of sheerness on your nail. It does get a little thick by the third coat as well. Just using one coat though you get a decent amount of product pickup and it’s not difficult to get them on to the nail.
It’s still available on Zoya’s site, so if you can’t find it in store, you’ll easily be able to purchase it online. I’ve still seen it at Ulta so it should be pretty easy to find!

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