So I basically told myself over the winter that I would NOT purchase this polish no matter how much I liked it. And then, MissHollyBerries was all “THIS POLISH IS AMAZING” and then I had a coupon to Ulta and then it was at my house. Story of my life. No but really.
Zoya Dream is a cerulean blue jelly base packed with a ton of holo shards. The effect is dazzling. It’s like space. But an ocean. Ocean Space. It’s so so stunning in person. And then you wear it outside and it’s just mind blowingly pretty. I have absolutely no regrets about purchasing this one since it’s just so pretty!
As for the effect of this polish, L.A. Girl actually released a “Holographic” collection back in the fall that had the same holo shard type of polish. I think their collection had five or six colors? It wasn’t a very talked about collection but I ended up getting one from Eshani (the teal one) and then purchasing the silver on my own. They’re such pretty effects and not done very often so it was a nice change to see this fall and winter. 
I have two coats of Dream on my nails and I used OPI Nail Envy as a base and Seche Vite as a top coat. This mani lasted 2 days before I used it to swatch a different Zoya Polish (which you’ll see tomorrow), and then finally removed it 🙂
Are there any finishes you wish you’d see more of, or less of I guess, from polish companies? Let me know in the comments!

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