There’s this thing that happens to me, and I’m positive to most beauty bloggers, which all revolves around the question of “do I need that?” Every time I purchase something, I go, “do I need to have it?” and I always say “YES!” (always with that enthusiasm) and purchase it. And then it takes weeks for me to get around to using it. And I feel bad. But the cycle goes on and on. I swear, it must happen to all beauty bloggers right?
Anyways, that’s what happened with this little gem, which is OPI’s Live.Love.Carnaval from their Brazil collection that debuted this spring. To be fair (aka to justify things to myself) I don’t buy whole collections anymore so that’s good, right? Lol. *sure it is*

Live.Love.Carnaval is a bright, not quite neon creme polish. It’s super hard to photograph. Color wise, it falls a little lighter than the photo above. Tone wise, it sits right in between these two photos. So it’s not as red as the photo below, and it’s a little lighter than the photo above. The issue is, while inside it’s a beautiful coral pink creme, the minute you step outside it goes super bright and photographs to look mega neon.
The formula was pretty good. Here I have 2 coats on. This was also after a few days so you can see a little wear on the surface of my nail but not that much tip wear or anything.
I had this polish on for a few days before removing it and putting on something else. I did love it though, and am most definitely going to put it on my toes this summer!
This polish is still very easily available wherever OPI is sold. Oh! I recently saw an OPI display at Bed, Bath, & Beyond 🙂
Are there any colors you’ve got on your summer pedi list?

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