Way back in January I was feeling super nail art-y so I turned to the one person I always turn to, MrCandiipants. I pretty much bring her up on this blog like… once a month. But like really, she’s my favorite and I’m obsessed with her nail art. Her style is so her and is so simple but always amazing. 
While browsing through some of the designs I wanted to recreate, I picked out five that I loved, so I decided to do all five. Since it was still mid-winter, I went for darker and more muted colors, and came up with a navy, purple and coral mix of flowers and hearts and girly things 🙂
In terms of what colors I used, I actually… don’t remember. *wah wah*. I know the off white is OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff. And I think the coral is China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy. But I really can’t be sure on that one. Regardless, you can find the blues and purples pretty easily at most stores so it’s an easy palette to re-create. 
As for which photos I pulled designs from, here they are 😀
This is the first one I saw, and I wanted to use the roses and use this sort of color palette. I also liked the combination of the roses with the stripes 🙂 I then picked out the rest of these designs to pair with the roses!
Again, MrCandiiPants is my absolute favorite nail art designer online and I don’t have enough amazing things to say about her.
Are there any nail blogs or IG accounts that you often look to for inspiration? Let me know in the comments down below!

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