I’m catching up on my NOTW posts again. Here’s the first 🙂
This is OPI’s Vodka & Caviar, which was one of their classic reds in their core collection. However, it was recently discontinued. You’ll probably still be able to find it since it was so popular and made in such abundance, but soon they’ll be all gone.
Anyways, it’s a very classic, very clean red nail polish. It’s not too warm and not too cool. It has an amazing formula – very easy to apply, “opaque” in 2 coats (it has that pseudo jelly finish that most red cremes have), and dries very glossy. It looks good on the majority of skin tones and throughout the year. Very classic, very clean.
Good news is, since it’s so classic you’ll be able to find this shade of red in almost every line of nail polish ever, so even though it’s discontinued, you won’t be missing all that much with it being gone. OPI even has a few within it’s core line that are virtually the same polish.
I know some people swear by this polish and this color though – sometimes that one bottle of red is not the same as other bottles of red. Do any of you have that one color that you’re obsessed with?

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