Good morning everyone!
I have a quick NOTW post for you – I was just sad about the Sharks losing, so I removed all the glitter on my nails and switched it up a bit, to cheer me up.
My favorite type of nail art is definitely floral. Floral nail art ALWAYS inspires me. On Instagram on a daily basis I see some sort of floral nail art and I always bookmark them or screenshot them.
Recently I switched up my sheets to adjust to the warmer weather, and just to see something different.
Target’s Shabby Chic line is my favorite since they have patterns that are totally my style and they are fairly inexpensive. I’ve got like 3 different sets of sheets from that line. It’s a little ridiculous, I know.
Today’s nail art is completely inspired by these sheets – it’s a white background with small purple roses.
As you all probably know, roses are my favorite (watch my April Favorites, if you didn’t know!). 
So, after being sad about the Sharks and inspired via Instagram, I decided to recreate my sheets as well as one of my recently favorite MrCandiiPants manicures.
I used:
  • Wet N Wild’s white polish for the base color on my thumb, index and pinkie fingers
  • OPI’s My Vampire Is Buff for the base of my middle finger (off white, buff-beige creme)
  • OPI’s Glint’s of Glinda for the base of my ring finger (very sheet skintone jelly)
  • For the various flowers I used a variation of China Glaze and OPI pastel shades and mixed them on a small palette to customize the colors (use your favorite pastel peaches, yellows, light purples and blues, and you can mix any color with white to get your perfect shades!)
Since it’s such an in-exact pattern, I basically just painted amorphous blobs of purple and layered lighter colors on top. I added some small specks of yellow in the center to make it look more flower like. The key to these patterns is layering colors, in a very in-exact way.
The flower crown nail, makes me SUPER happy, by the way. It’s a little rainbow of prettiness and simple enough that it’s just so cute. Props to MrCaniiPants for thinking to do it 🙂 Again, it’s all about layering, in an in-exact way and adding the colors you like.
Below are references to the patterns as well as MrCandiiPants’ Instagram photo 😀
Do you guys have specific patterns you love? Let me know in the comments!

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