Well hey there internets! I’m back. After I said I’d start blogging more. I know. I’m the worst. I’m flakey. But there’s a good reason! I promise. Well it’s the same reason – school, sick, other life stuff. And I just wasn’t in the mood to blog. Or film. So yeah. I’m slowly getting back into it though 🙂 I have a video exporting now as I type and well, I have some new stuff from Mac to show you as well!
Back in October, Mac announced they were going to do a collection with Proenza Schouler, a high end fashion house that has been featured in pretty much every magazine, TV show and red carpet. I was pretty excited for it in general, but then they also released the product list and it included the Blush Ombres and well, I knew I had to have them.
Back in 2009, Mac released the Blush Ombres and they were a massive success. Massive to the point where they were sold out so quickly, and are impossible to find now, even on eBay. They were highly coveted and Mac didn’t release similar products until this year.
This collection was released online on Tuesday and in stores today, April 24th, but this was pushed back about three weeks because of production issues apparently. That and nobody really seemed to have a straight and true product list or info until recently. I know Temptalia didn’t talk about it at all until 2 weeks ago.
And then there’s been the apparent mixup of products being sent to people from their online release (I’ve heard from Temptalia that Mac has sent people the wrong blushes, sending opposite colors than what they ordered), and a general lack of quality control so needless to say, there’s been quite a bit of drama surrounding these products.

I actually went out today, first thing in the morning, to Nordstrom to track these down because I didn’t have the time or energy to do the online stalking it takes to order high-demand products from Mac. I actually went to Nordstrom an hour after they opened, and they were already sold out of Sunset Beach, the pink blush. So I picked up Ocean City and headed up to my Macys that has a Mac Counter, and arrived right when they opened. Luckily I was literally the first customer of the day and was able to purchase the other. I was actually so early that the opener at the Mac Counter had to call her manager just to make sure it was ok to put out the display and sell the products. I had actually completely forgotten what a Mac release could be like, since it’s been that long since Mac has released something in a new collection that I had really wanted.

Each Blush Ombre retails for $30, which is expensive. But you’re most definitely paying for the packaging on this collection so I guess it’s sort of standard considering the other Special Edition packing they’ve had for products.
The boxes are all a metallic, mirrored ombre from green to purple, and has Proenza Schouler and Mac printed onto it. Inside, the actual compacts are a metallic, mirrored ombre as well, going from green to purple. The colors are less saturated in the compact than the cardboard box.
As pretty as they are, I dare Mac to create packaging that’s harder to photograph. Coming from a blogging perspective, these were a nightmare! But they’re so so pretty that it’s sort of worth it? Either way I took a couple hundred photos of these. To get the products in good lighting, so the colors show, but not reflecting any harsh light so it’s not blinding, and then making sure the camera focuses on the top of the product and not the reflection within the product – it was crazy. It’s sort of a non-issue though since it’s the actual blush that matters, right? (right).

 The two blushes are:

  • Ocean City – tangerine to papaya ombre (I’ve got fruit on the mind). When swatching the top and bottom of the blush separately, you get either a light orange or a deeper coral, almost red blush. When swirled together you get a very vibrant orange toned coral.
  • Sunset Beach – baby pink to deep tulip pink ombre. When swatching the top and bottom of this blush separately, you get either a very light, chalky pink or a very punchy deep pink. When swirled together, this comes out to be a slightly cooler pink, almost a magenta.
Now I know some people have had formula issues with these. Temptalia rated Ocean City a B+ and Sunset Beach an F. However, my blushes both had very easy to deal with formulas – they were pigmented, blended well and applied beautifully to the skin. I didn’t have any of the pigmentation problems in Sunset Beach that Temptalia seemed to have in hers. To have such a difference in blush formulas seem like a massive issue, especially considering the release was pushed back, and it was rumored it was because of formula issues.
For me, these were completely worth the $30 each, however it can be totally disappointing to some if they don’t get the same quality that I did in my blushes.
On the Mac website, these are currently sold out but it says “Coming Soon” so hopefully if you missed out on the first round then you’ll be able to purchase them soon online. They’re available on Macys, Nordstrom and other department store sites that sell Mac. Also, they released in stores today, so it wouldn’t hurt to go to your local store or counter to see if they’re still in stock.
What do you guys think? Are these worth the hype?

Ocean City Blush Ombre

Ocean City Blush Ombre 

Sunset Beach Blush Ombre

Sunset Beach Blush Ombre

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